Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

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Hiya! This week’s Top Ten Tuesday, a weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, topic is Top Ten All Time Favorite Authors. I will try my best to pick a variety of authors from different genres/subgenres. Because of how lengthy the blurbs about the writers will be I think I’ll skip with the extra graphics this time around. Hope you guys don’t mind.

Man, this one is going to be so hard for me…

As always I’ll try to link all the authors, series, and books mentioned to goodreads so you guys can click on them at your convenience.

Cassandra Clare is my absolute favorite young adult urban fantasy writer. I know that there are readers that don’t care for her writing and think that City of Bones is just a published fanfiction of hers, but I love it. She’s also one of the few writers that can pull off what I call the Conglomerate-of-Supernaturals subgenre (a book that contains all types of paranormal races in it like vampires, werewolves, fae, etc).

I recommend: The Infernal Devices trilogy, The Mortal Instruments series

Want to read: The Bane Chronicles, The Dark Artifices series

I’m sure a lot of you guys already know how much I love Richelle Mead. After building my bookcase this summer, I discovered how many paranormal romance, particularly vampire, series I’ve purchased and read. The ones I’ve read so far have been Twilight, House of Night, Blue Bloods, Crusade, Evernight, Shadow Falls: After Dark. And of the others I own but have yet to read are The Vampire Diaries, The Morganville Vampires, and Tantalize. Anyway, I’ve read a LOT of vamp series, and Vampire Academy is hands down my favorite vampire series. I think that says a lot.

I recommend: The Vampire Academy series

Want to read: the rest of Bloodlines series, Soundless, Georgina Kinkaid series, Dark Swan series

To be honest, I think I’ve read a lot more contemporary growing up than I do now, but I think Sarah Dessen will always be my go-to young adult contemporary romance writer. Her stand-alone novels are usually resolved but also somewhat left open ended for the readers interpret. I always end up content though. I can’t recommend them enough.

I recommend: The Truth About Forever, Just Listen, Along For the Ride, This Lullaby

Want to read: Saint Anything, The Moon and More

No Surprise, John Steinbeck is my favorite author for classics. Yes, I’ve only read East of Eden, but from that book alone I can rule out the many other assigned readings I enjoyed during high school and make this my favorite (sorry P&P). I lied, I’ve read other of his work, I just forgot as I was writing this. All of it’s good.

I recommend: East of Eden, Of Mice and Men, The Pearl

Want to read: Grapes of WrathTravels with Charley

J.K. Rowling. Because she wrote Harry Potter. Because of Hogwarts. Because she help build my childhood.

I recommend: Harry Potter series. Duh.

Want to read: The Casual Vacancy

Another great author I discovered during my late childhood was Rick Riordian. J.K. Rowling’s HP will forever be my favorite childhood series but Riordian’s Percy Jackson and the Olympians sure rivals with the adventure and action aspect of HP. The Greek mythology elements are clever and fun for young readers.

I recommend: Percy Jackson and the Olympians series

Want to read: the rest of The Heroes of Olympus series, possibly The Kane Chronicles series

Eva Ibbotson, along with Carolyn Meyer, was an author that got me into reading historical fiction and historical romance growing up. It’s been a really long time since I’ve read her books, but I do remember enjoying them greatly.

I recommend: A Countess Below Stairs, The Morning GiftA Company of Swans

Want to read: A Song for Summer, The Reluctant Heiress

My current favorite underrated author is C.C. Hunter. I recently posted reviews on both of her books in the Shadow Falls: After Dark, the spin-off trilogy to the Shadow Falls series. Her writing isn’t complex, but definitely grows on you. Despite the paranormal and fiction elements, a lot of her characters are relatable. She also incorporates a lot of humor in her writing.

I recommend: Shadow Falls: After Dark trilogy (it’s actually a spin-off from Shadow FallsI do like the spin-off better but you should probably read the original series first.)

Want to read: the last installment of Shadow Falls: After Dark trilogy called Unspoken

Meg Cabot is another author I really enjoyed when I was middle school. You may know her from The Princess Diaries series, however my favorite series by her is The Mediator, which is about a spunky heroine that can see ghosts. A lot of Cabot’s work have quirky characters, fun and lighthearted plot, and humor.

I recommend: The Mediator series, The Princess Diaries series, All American Girl duology

Want to read: Remembrance (Mediator #7), Royal Wedding (Princess Diaries XI)

I thought it’d be cool to add my favorite mangaka as well, Yoshiki Nakamura. She’s the artist behind Skip Beat, my favorite manga. The art is just breathtakingly beautiful, and the storyline is intriguing and fun. I don’t really read a lot of manga, so there’s nothing really to recommend and I’m not sure what I want to read by her but the rest of Skip Beat.

Did we have any writers in common this week? Let me know! Have an awesome Tuesday!

38 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten ALL TIME Favorite Authors

  1. beckmank says:

    I read Grapes of Wrath in high school, it was a great book.
    Casual Vacancy is really good, but be warned – nothing like Harry Potter. At all. I also like her Cormoran Strike novels (written as Robert Galbraith). Well, I’ve read the first one (The Cuckoo’s Calling), the second is on my list.
    Yay Percy Jackson! I couldn’t get into the Kane Chronicles. New series with Norse Gods (and possibly Annabeths brother?) coming out this fall.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      I’ve heard wonderful things about Grapes of Wrath (and how similar it is to East of Eden). I’m looking forward to reading it in the future. I’ve also heard the Casual Vacancy is a disappointment to HP fans, hopefully it’ll appeal to my taste! I also mentioned I’d “possibly” try Kane Chronicles, just because I’ve tried reading them but couldn’t get into them at the time as well. And, wow, I didn’t even realize Riordan was coming out with a new series! Thanks for letting me know! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Shannon says:

    I’m looking forward to the Dark Artifices series too! (and I’m in the middle of the Bane Chronicles 🙂 I like quite a few of your favorites as well. As far as Meg Cabot, the only thing I’ve read of hers is Avalon High, and I recommend it! (Just don’t try watching the Disney Channel Original Movie based off of it first, it’ll ruin it)

    Liked by 1 person

    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      Nice! I hope you write a review on The Bane Chronicles, I’d love to read it if you do. And actually I have read Avalon High, I think it’s a standalone novel if I recall correctly. I totally forgot about that one, thanks for reminding me, Shannon!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lifewithcassandra says:

    Summer , everytime I check on your top ten list you push me closer to reading Cassandra Clare and Sarah Dessen’s books , which I must confess I’ve never read . Since I find your book choices interesting, I’m going to take the plunge.
    We have some authors in common this week, I’m giving you a high five.
    Great list as usual 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      /High five you back (if that makes sense)/ CASSANDRA, YOU MUST READ THEM! You know how much I love those authors and their great books! Besides, how can you have not read any of Cassandra Clare’s stuff? You share the same namesake! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  4. what about that book ! says:

    AAAHHH!! I REALLY want to read the Dark Artifices SO badly!! I love Emma and I cannot wait for Midnight Lady to come out!! I don’t care what people say about Clare writing too many books on the Shadowhunter world. I love reading her books and her characters are just AMAZING!! I hope we get to know a bit about Clary and Jace, and how their lives are going on, probably just a small insight. But I am so excited and cannot wait to get my hands on the first book!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thuong Le says:

    Great choice of authors! Love Cassandra Clare, she’s such a fantastic writer. The Infernal Devices was the series that struck a cord to me. Since you recommended it, I plan on reading at least one Sarah Dessen book this year, maybe her new novel that’s coming out soon. I read Of Mice & Men when I was 15 for school but I didn’t fully appreciated it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      Assigned reading never bothered me, but I do find that it’s hard to appreciate those readings when there are corresponding questions to answer for each chapter. And yes, please! I can’t recommend The Truth About Forever enough, and I think Saint Anything is promising. Thanks, Thuong! ^.^

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thuong Le says:

        I think the problem was that I was not into reading during that time, which was bad! I remember analysing it to death and writing essays about their ‘dream’. The ending was a bit ambiguous. I’ll try reading the Truth About Forever, thanks! and your welcome x

        Liked by 1 person

    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      Yup, Meg Cabot recently surprised her fans with this 11th one. I’m guessing it’ll be like an extended epilogue, where her readers will get to see characters’ lives after PD. Thank you, I’m glad you agree (I love Steinbeck too much)! 😀


    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      Definitely make a push to read East of Eden sometime. And I saw on your blog that you’ve never read any of Sarah Dessen’s books?! Make sure to check out The Truth About Forever (and I’m hoping Saint Anything will be good as well). Thank you! ^.^


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