Semihiatus From Top Ten Tuesday, Spread Love Challenge

So yesterday I had an incredibly rotten day and I thought it might be fitting to post a somewhat inspirational tag this week, the Spread Love Challenge. But before I start, I just wanted to say that I’ve decided to take a semihiatus from Top Ten Tuesday, the weekly meme I have religiously been posting for a couple of months now. If you’re curious to why that is, you can click here. This semi-break may seem pretty normal to you all since I know a lot of bloggers don’t participate in this meme every week anyway.

Anyway onto the challenge!

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 5.27.40 PM

The Spread Love challenge is a non-bookish post, but a fun one nonetheless. I was tagged by Baby Ruth. Yes, her name is chocolate bar, which is totally adorable. She’s also uber sweet and runs a wonderful writing/musing blog. I don’t follow a lot of non-book blogs, so I promise hers is great!

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