Book Haul: January – June 2015


You guys know that I buy books quite a lot, so why haven’t I made a book haul post?  Well it was for this exact moment. Haha, kidding. I’ve just been lazy and I thought I’d do a master post midyear. I was hoping that by doing this I could see how many books I buy in 6 months and the results will help motivate me to buy less books in the future (or at least restrain from impulse buys).

Okay, with no further ado, let’s do this! (I am so crazy…)

Oh yeah, below each picture, I did type out all of the titles. If you want to know more info (like author, standalone/series, etc) click on the title, it should get you to the appropriate link on goodreads. (Initially, I tried to make image maps but I guess html coding is only for self-hosted sites. -___-)

And the titles I have strikethrough are obviously ones I’ve read before. I also have links to reviews I’ve made when they’re available!

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