The Harry Potter Tag

Harry Potter Tag

Hi! I was tagged by Shelby @Bookish Royalty, one of my first WP friends when I started Xingsings, to do The Harry Potter Tag. I think Shelby is currently on hiatus and offline, but thank you Shelby! Gosh, this tag was long overdue.

As some of you guys know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Consequently, I unconsciously talk about HP in almost all of my posts (I searched “HP” on my blog and 12 posts came up, LOL). So I thought before I get into these questions I’d share with you my HP story and how I got into the series-in case, some of you are new to this blog and don’t know of it.

I’ve never been much of a reader and it was that way for the majority of my childhood. It wasn’t until the summer before 5th grade, when I was eleven and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows was released did I enjoy reading. (My dad’s smart logic was to get me the most hyped book of the summer. It worked though!) But yes, I ended reading the last HP book first. Naturally, I was hooked… and so confused. So I ended buying my paperback box set and breezing through those in two weeks, which was mighty fast for a non-bookworm now that I think about it. Therefore, you can say HP was the magical turning point in my childhood, in regards to reading that is.

Now that I’m older and have reread HP many times, I have found parts to not awe me as easily. However I still believe the HP books are timeless reads that any reader at any age should give go if they haven’t already-or you can just watch the movies, up to you. Speaking of movies, since I joined the fandom later I’m totally guilty of watching the movies prior to reading the books as well…

But yeah. I thought I’d share that because it only seemed appropriate in this post. Plus, this’ll become an easy post to find if I every need to explain how HP changed my life. LOL. So onto the questions!

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