Summertime Madness Tag

The Summertime Madness Tag

Hello! It’s been a while (a couple of days really) since I’ve last updated this blog and I’m sorry to confess that the inactivity is going to get a lot worse because… school starts back this Thursday for me!

Which also means the summer is almost officially over therefore I thought it’d be appropriate for me to post yet another long overdue post, the Summertime Madness Tag. (Yes, I also decided to post this now lest this be done next summer which would have been way way overdue.) I was tagged by Carolyn to participate. She’s a fellow Vietnamese-American blogger on WP and secretly-ish we’ve been doing a buddy read and reading A Darker Shade of Magic. We both finished it yesterday (8/18/15: well I finished it today actually) and it was such a fantastic story. So be on the lookout for some ADSoM posts in the near future (yeah… I know, I promised a Summer Says post this week but yeah, that’ll come soon too, I hope)!

Gosh, I haven’t even started the tag yet and I’ve already used four parenthetical phrases. I’m so done. Alright, let’s get on to this before I add any more…

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