The Anatomical Shape of a Heart by Jenn Bennett

The Anatomical Shape of a HeartA1UHp+XT4uL by Jenn Bennett
Published by Feiwel and Friends on November 3, 2015
Genres: [Young Adult] Contemporary
Pages: 304
Format: Paperback, ARC
Source: Publisher

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4 Stars, Completed November 13, 2015

– SPOILER free –

I’m not sure how many times I squealed internally as I read this. Too many times to count, that’s for sure. Everything was just so adorable.

In The Anatomical Shape of a Heart (or Night Owls for some folks) Bex and Jack meet on the Night Owl bus. The mystery of strangers is what draws one to the other and Jack accidentally reveals his secret identity to Bex. Not only is Jack wildly attractive, he’s San Fran’s most wanted notorious graffiti artist. And Bex wants to figure out why Jack would put himself at risk with a criminal record. Soon they both find themselves bumping into each purposely-meaning the attraction is so strong they end up naturally seeking the other out. The Anatomical Shape of a Heart is a love story of coincidence and chance between two young artists with very different artistic styles.

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Exploring My Bookshelves: November

Exploring My Bookshelves NovemberHi everyone! I’m back today with an Exploring My Bookshelves post. This weekly bookish meme (but adapted as a monthly one on here at Xingsings) was originally created by Victoria at Addlepates and Book Nerds and now she cohosts it with Shannon at For the Love of Words. Though Top Ten Tuesday lists are fun to make, this is probably my favorite bookish meme to partake in because I get to discover books I don’t really think about anymore and are collecting dust on my shelves. And it’s a great way to document the evolution of your shelves and shelf space. I started participating in this meme back in March and you can really tell how many books I’ve bought since then from my first Exploring My Bookshelves post. Someone please help with my book buying tendencies. OTL

Anyway, let’s get on with the post shall we?

So this is how my shelves look currently. There's some slight differences from last month and I have some books on "display." I also started double shelfing, meaning I have two layers of books in some of the shelves. You can kind of see what I'm describing in the pink shelf, which is the second shelf from the top on the far right.

So this is how my shelves look currently. There’s some slight differences from last month and I have some books on “display.” I also started double shelfing, meaning I have two layers of books in some of the shelves. You can kind of see what I’m describing in the pink shelf, which is the second shelf from the top on the far right.

November 6, 2015: Favorite Shelf/Shelves


It’s kind of hard to choose a favorite shelf so I chose multiple shelves. I like my blue/teal books the most because… well I like the color blue a lot. It’s my favorite color along with white. I’m so plain, lol. And I know the colors don’t really show that well in the photo… but in person they really do look blue!

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Be Thankful Challenge

Be Thankful ChallengeHappy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate it today! I participated in this week’s Top Ten Tuesday feature, Ten Books I’m Thankful For, but I thought I’d do another Thanksgiving related post, the Be Thankful Challenge. Thank you Veda at Bookzillan Society for tagging me to do this challenge! I usually tackle tags and awards by chronological order of the date I was first tagged but this was too appropriate for today’s occasion I couldn’t pass it up.

The Rules

  • Write about 5 people in your life you are thankful for
  • Write about 5 things in 2015 that you are thankful for
  • Spread the love and challenge 5 other blogs to take part

People I’m Thankful For

FullSizeRenderWell first and foremost I have to say I’m thankful for my parents. For those that know me in real life, you know that I have a very poor relationship with my mom but I’m still thankful that she gave birth to me. And, of course, I am so thankful for having the best dad a girl could ever wish for. Growing up my dad was very different from a stereotypical Asian father. He allowed me to grow up independently, trusted my decisions, and never pressured me with my studies. He’s my role model and probably my biggest supporter. I feel so blessed to have him as my father and mother figure throughout these many years.

I am equally thankful for the friends that have come and gone in my life. I always share that I’m an introvert on here but in actuality that’s not really an accurate representation of my personality. I’m quiet but I like to think I’m pretty friendly too. I wasn’t really popular or anything but I did have a bunch of friends. Also, I have to thank my close group of best friends who have seen me cry and allowed me to trust and confide in them. How ever much we change, I know we’ll be lifelong friends. And, of course, I’m thankful to all of my internet friends and you guys!

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Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Books I’m Thankful For

10 Books I'm Thankful ForHello friends! I hope you all have had a wonderful November so far. In case you missed it, this post explains my absence from the blogosphere pretty well. Even though finals are creeping up soon, I finally got back into bookish things (in other words, I’ve been reading again) and hopefully will have some book reviews up.

Anyways, in honor of Thanksgiving holiday and break, I wanted to share my list of Top Ten Books I’m Thankful For or special books that have some meaning to me or a period of my life. This week’s T10T, a bookish meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish, was actually an open interpretation to allow readers to get creative but I just decided to share this simple list. It’s been months since I’ve participated in this meme. As some of you may know, I used to be pretty religious with keeping up T10T posts when I first started blogging  and I’ll direct you to this post as to why I stopped doing that. Anyhow, I wanted to join in this week’s fun since I thought I could add a variety of books I don’t usually talk about on Xingsings. I’m sure there’ll be a couple on here that will be a surprise for some.

(All links to Goodreads are under the photo.)

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Yallfest 2015


I’m scheduling a post today because, my gosh, I haven’t published anything on here in nearly two weeks. There were several reasons behind this unprecedented hiatus.

Some of you may already know this if I commented on your blogs, I’ve been in an awful reading slump (and thus a blogging slump) since mid-October. I’ve started a bunch of fantastic, brilliantly compelling books (A Little Life, A Monster Calls, Wolf By Wolf to name a few)… but I just haven’t been in the mood to… read.  And I think the best way to deal with this is to just not read for a while. However, I want to thank every one of you that gave me great suggestions for remedying the slump-from light contemporaries to short stories.

Another reason why I think I’ll take it easy with the reading is that I won’t be blogging that much in the next few weeks anyway. Fall classes are coming to a close and finals are about to begin the start of December. My focus really needs to be on my studies especially since this is the year I applied to professional school and they’ll be monitoring my every academic move (lol, that was awkwardly worded, sorry heh) until the end of the spring semester, and I have to admit that blogging (and blog hopping) does take a considerable chunk of my time-even though I do enjoy it! However, I do have one exciting news to share with you guys in terms with my status with admissions to pharmacy school-I got an interview! By the time this post has published, I’ve already have had it, but regardless of it going well or not, I’m just so relieved and happy I was competitive enough as an applicant for them to want to meet me in person. Fingers crossed, that everything will go well from here on out.

Yet another great thing that has happened to me recently is… I went to Yallfest! Those of you that follow me on Instagram and Twitter probably knew I went. But yeah. It was such a wonderful experience, being my first book signing event. I ended up meeting authors I never thought I’d ever get to meet, befriending fellow bookworms while waiting in the signing lines, and just having a blast. The only regrets I had were not getting to see panels. I wanted to attend the Keynote collab between Richelle Mead, one of my all-time favorite authors, and R.L. Stine so bad, but I wasn’t able to buy a ticket in time before they sold out. And every free panel conflicted with a signing that I couldn’t give up. However, I’m happy to be able to say “maybe next year.” That’s right! I’m already thinking about going to Yallfest 2016 because it was just that fun this year. 😉

And before I end this post with a few pictures I took at Yallfest 2015 (omg, I was so derp-y in the pictures; don’t mind me, OTL), I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that comments/likes, just silently reads, or does whatever to support Xingsings even when I’m not active in the blogosphere. I know that a lot of my blog traffic comes from my usual blog hopping sprees, but it really does mean a lot when I still see people actively reading this blog even when I’m not present. Like I’ve mentioned before, I really do read every comment and eventually reply to them.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a lovely and safe week!


This was a very special year for Yallfest because it was the fifth year since the event began and the 20th anniversary of Blue Bicycle Books, the independent bookstore that sponsors and teams up with Yallfest annually.

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Book Haul: October 2015

1Hi, I hope you all are having a nice start to November! Today I wanted to share my latest purchases from October. You guys probably are used to me doing these haul posts every couple of months but now that I’ve become more active in the bookstagram community, I thought it’d be fun to change up the format by using my Instagram photos to share my purchases (I have no shame in cross posting, haha). Perhaps I’ll stick to monthly book haul posts for the remainder of 2015; it’s likely I’ll return to longer haul posts with three months worth of buys-like how I did in the beginning of this year-in 2016.

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