Book Haul: November 2015

November Book Haul
Ahh, well it looks like yet another month of 2015 has past. November really felt like it flew by for me since I didn’t do much reading or blogging. I think I ended up finishing only one book, The Anatomical Shape of the Heart (review here), which is disappointing. However, I did buy a lot of books! #foreverbuyingbooksfasterthanIcanreadthem

As I’ve told you guys before I rarely buy books at full price but I guess since it’s Christmas season I went ahead and splurged on a lot of new books this month. Most of my buys were in preparation for Yallfest signings (if you haven’t already you can read my post with a recap of that event here). And, of course, while I was in Charleston I went ahead and purchased a few to help support the Blue Bicycles Books independent bookstore. All the books there were signed so that was another nice bonus.

I’m also quite satisfied that I was able to buy six manga volumes to help fill in the gaps of my collections. There was a buy 2 get 1 free Black Friday deal and I couldn’t pass up since new manga are rarely on sale over here. Overall, I was pretty proud of myself on Black Friday weekend though. Other than those manga I bought, I only purchased a few things at Loft since the entire store was 50% in store including the sale section and finished up buying Christmas presents.

Alright, so that pretty much explains what my November purchase history was like. Now we can get to the pictures, my favorite part!

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