12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

12 Days of Christmas Book Tag

Hello everyone! I was tagged by Joey at Thoughts and Afterthoughts and Deanna at A Novel Glimpse to do the 12 Days of Christmas Book Tag! Thank you both so much.

The way the questions were introduced for this tag were super fun. “Twelve Days of Christmas” is such a classic song, and a really easy tune to play. I remember growing up playing this and few other Christmas carols on the piano, haha. In case you’re a pianist or love music as much as I do, you should stop by Kyle Landry’s channel and listen to his epic Christmas medleys (my favorite Xmas medley of his). His occasional improvs are brilliant!

Anyway, there’s no telling when I’ll schedule this post. I’m hoping to squeeze this in before Christmas day though since the holiday happens to fall on the last Friday of the month, meaning I’ll be posting an Exploring My Bookshelves post then. But yeah.

Alright, let’s do this!

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