Summing It Up: January 2016

Summing It Up January

Clever, right? I’m quite enjoying the many variations of my name for this blog. First “Summer Says” (my bookish discussion series that has kind of been revived recently) and now this? “Summer you’re such cheesy dumpling.” Yes, I know.

Anyway, this isn’t really a new blog series or anything. But rather a post that summarizes what I’ve been doing in the last month, both bookish-wise and just normal, personal/academic-wise. Of course, feel free to skip the personal stuff if you’re only here for books. I totally understand. Anyway, I thought this would be helpful for those that missed a post on Xingsings, wanted to learn more about me, or just happened to be fangirling/fanboying over the same things I have been (then we can talk and fangirl/fanboy together!). I think these posts are usually called “Monthly Wrap Ups,” “Month in Review,” “Monthly Favorites,” or sometimes more uniquely “Spotlight Saturdays,” which is a meme hosted by Josie at Josie’s Book Corner, posts.

Anyway, here goes!

January Blog Posts*

*in publication order, not by favoritism

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