3 Quotes Challenge

3 Quotes Challenge-2

Hi! Today I’m doing a somewhat different tag but still related to books in a way, the 3 Quotes Challenge. I was tagged by Yen at Little Calico’s Journal, Baby Ruth at Bittersweet Sensations, Analee at Book Snacks, Cristina at Tiny Obsessions, Rach at The Girl Who Reads, and Percy at Percy Reads. Thank you all so much for tagging me to participate!

I actually participated in the Top Ten Tuesday post that had bloggers share their Top Ten Favorite Quotes from Books sometime in 2015. From that post, I mentioned that I don’t tend to annotate my reads nor pay attention to quotes. I appreciate good writing but I’m usually unable to directly quote lines even from my all time favorite books. So this challenge is going to be quite difficult for me.

Okay, let’s do this before I start rambling too much and make this an excessively long post (it’ll probably end up being one anyway, knowing me).

Note: This is a 2015 tag, meaning I was first tagged in 2015. I’m just trying to go through all the awards and tags from my 2015 queue. But I am an tag/award free blog in that I won’t be doing any more tags/awards after I go through the 2015 drafts. Sorry for the confusion!

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