A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

A Gathering of Shadows9780765376497 by V.E. Schwab
Series: Shades of Magic #2 (2/3)
Published by Tor on February 23, 2016
Genres: [Adult] Fantasy
Pages: 509
Format: Paperback, ARC
Source: Publisher

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5 Stars, Completed February 24, 2015

– read the bold text to avoid SPOILERS –

Alright, it’s official. Victoria Schwab has earned her place among my top tier must-buy-new-releases-immediately authors. I enjoyed A Darker Shade of Magic when I buddy read it mid-2015, but I was still hesitant to claim Schwab as a favorite-precisely because I had only read one book of hers and there were small flaws I couldn’t overlook in ADSoM. But, after this thrilling sequel, it’s been confirmed.

[I don’t normally do this before my reviews to sequels, but in case you haven’t read my review of A Darker Shade of MagicYou can go here. I’m extremely proud of it. (I really believe it was the primary reason why I got an ARC of A Gathering of Shadows and it was a post that literally prompted weeks of writing/deleting drafts before I could gather my thoughts. (Did you see what I did there? “Gather my thoughts”… A Gathering of Shadows…)]

A Gathering of Shadows takes place four months after the events of A Darker Shade of Magic. Red London is still dealing with the repercussions after the fateful Black Night. However, this doesn’t deter all from preparing for the Element Games, an international tournament between the strongest magicians held to strengthen political ties and entertain the populace. Meanwhile, White London seems to be in a weary disarray after the Dane twins’ deaths. Grey London is experiencing an unforeseen pandemonium and is missing a certain female aspiring pirate. And Black London is stirring. With the rise of the latter London, the balance has been tipped and another London must fall.

I don’t want to die-dying is easy. No, I want to live, but getting close to death is the only way to feel alive. And once you do, it makes you realize that everything you were doing before wasn’t actually living. It was just making do. Call me crazy, but I think we do the best living when the stakes are high.

The sense of adventure and exhilaration certainly did not wane with this second installment. In fact, with the the Element Games (Essen Tasch) it only intensified. The Essen Tasch reminded me of the Hunger Games (from, well, The Hunger Games) and the Triwizard Tournament (from Harry Potter) in a good, reminiscently mood inspired way. What happened in each were fundamentally different, but they all gave off a healthy, familiar vibe of anticipation and prompted occasional scooting to the edge of the seat scenes for readers.

However, I must address that I’m a tad dismayed by how little focus there was on the balance between the four Londons and the rise of Black London arc of the story. I understand that this is the middle book of the trilogy and it’s bound to focus on other aspects than the ongoing plot as the filler, but I couldn’t help but notice that the first half of the book leading up to the games was on the slower paced side of the spectrum. Despite this, it didn’t take me long to get into the story because Lila’s time at sea, the introduction of new characters, and the witty banter were still extremely engrossing.

While on the subject of the dialogue… Ah, the wit. There was an addition to the main cast, and let’s just say there were also an abundance of witty remarks and humorous banter. I found myself laughing quite a bit. I even bookmarked pages, which as most know I seldom ever do. I have a good feeling I’m going to be flipping to those tabs to relish those fun moments for the next couple of days.

What made this sequel so satisfying was the character development. I mentioned in my A Darker Shade of Magic review that I liked the characters but didn’t really feel much for them. They were what I deemed “cardboard” consistency-meaning they were underdeveloped and weren’t really memorable. But I also did discuss that I wasn’t particularly worried about it since I knew this installment would hopefully focus more on the characterization. And A Gathering of Shadows did exactly that.  New characters were introduced, the identities of the old cast were further explored, BrOTPs emerged, ships sailed. Exactly as how I’d hope.

I am Delilah Bard. Pirate, thief, magician.
I have crossed worlds and taken ships. Fought queens and saved cities.
I am one of a kind.

And I believe I’ve developed a fictional woman crush towards Lila. Holland was my favorite character in book one for his enigmatic presence, but fearless, sharp-tongued Lila was so fab in this one.

I knew I wouldn’t be happy, not until I tried. Can’t think of a worse thing, than wondering what would have been.

So for those that categorize under the group that found A Darker Shade of Magic slow, disappointing, or lacking, let Schwab prove you wrong with this magnificent installment. I, personally, really enjoyed ADSoM but I found that the common reservations I had for it with other readers were resolved in book two.



You can see them by highlighting the white* text.

*Quick warning: If you’re using WordPress’ Reader the white text will remain as visible black text and you’ll see spoilers regardless of whether you highlight the text or not. Make sure to read this post on my actual blog for the white text to appear and therefore the spoilers to be concealed; this is the only way for this method to be effective. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  • Alucard Emery (you shameless flirt!)
  • Just about everything with and leading to the tournaments
  • The evasive relationship between Kell/Rhy has been updated to brOTP
  • Kell always thinking about Lila (hahahahahhaahhahahhhh)
  • A romantic balcony scene (redolent of The Infernal Devices trilogy; happy sigh)
  • Lila in a dress
  • Hastra (my favorite royal guard yet!)
  • Black London awakens and has tipped the balance (another London shall fall??)
  • Holland’s return
  • THE FACT THAT LILA MAY BE ANTARI?! Nah, I’m pretty certain she is!

Overall, I did have a tiny reservation in regards to the distribution between the four Londons and Element Games storylines, but I’m still bumping this one to a perfect 5 stars. Ultimately, this is probably one of the best and most satisfying sequels I’ve read in a very long time. The more fleshed out characters were gratifying and the entertainment was exciting. And, oh my gosh, that ending. (Insert the horrified “The Scream” emoji.) Book three, I am so ready for you.

And, unrelated, but Victoria retweeted my review. 😱!!!!!!

Okay, let me go fangirl for a few minutes. 😱!!!!!!

Quotes were taken from an uncorrected advance readers copy.

Special thanks to Tor for providing me this review copy of A Gathering of Shadows. In no way did this affect my reading experience or honest review.

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38 thoughts on “A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

  1. Marie @ drizzleandhurricanebooks says:

    This book is THE HYPED book right now. And, erm, I haven’t read the first one in the series, so I skipped your review to read on Goodreads what you wrote about the first book. AND saw at the beginning of this post how V.E Schwab is on your top to-buy-immediately authors list. So, maybe I need to read it now 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Appletaile says:

    THE CLIFFHANGER OH MY GOODNESS. I loved so many things in this book. ❤ I thought the White London/Black London storyline fell a bit flat — it just felt like a set-up for the next book or something — but otherwise loved it. (Also, I’m pretty sure I have even more of a crush on Lila now.)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      I’m so relieved to hear I’m not the only one that thought that that arc of the plot was a bit of a shortcoming. BUT YES. Holy guacamole. I totally was and wasn’t expecting that ending. I was bracing myself for when Kell travelled to White London and reunite with Holland… but after the cleaning wrapped ending in book one I never imagined this would have a cliffhanger! Anyway, so glad you loved everything about AGoS as much as I did, Eve!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lois says:

    That balcony scene. ❤ SWOON!! I’m so glad you enjoyed this book. I’m still reeling from that cliffhanger but I was blown away by the character development in this book. Kell and Rhy just need a big hug haha. I too would have liked to have learnt a bit more about the balance between the Londons and I am wondering what role/effect this new development might have on Grey London. I’m also desperately wanting to know what really happened to Kell’s biological family. Overall though this book definitely delivered, My shipping heart is sailing away, while it breaks at Kell/Rhy’s internal struggled and is emotionally distraught by that evil cliffhanger. Book 3 can’t come soon enough. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      RIGHT?! Like I was swooning so hard at that scene. I totally wasn’t expecting the romance in this one to build as much as it did. But I loved every minute it of it. And the reunion Kell/Lila had during the games… Happy sigh. I love everything about this book, haha. And I totally agree with you on wanting to learn more about Kell’s family. I’m sort of curious about Lila and how she lost her eye, too. It’s obviously something she has a complex about… And I know! My heart during those Kell/Rhy scenes. Like that bloody “sorry” arm. Like Rhy, why?! D:

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Nerdybirdy @ Daydreaming Books says:

    I reaaaally need to read this series!! I’m so glad you liked it, hopefully I can get to it as soon as my finals finish. Loved your review Summer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Alyssa @ The Devil Orders Takeout says:

    Ooooh I have scheduled a review for this also. And tried to make it non-spoiler but it was SO HARD OMG, especially since I couldn’t REALLY discuss Alucard even though he is the new fav? sighs I would probably sell my soul to read an Alucard/Rhy prequel even if there is a foregone sad conclusion. I think our thoughts are generally similar — I liked the concept of the Element Games, but I agree there was not so much plot and that’s probably because we stayed in Red London instead of exploring White London where more stuff happened. The characters were PHENOMENAL, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      You’re so right, so much happens in this book! And Alucard. ❤ That’s why I gave up keeping this review spoiler free, haha. I can’t believe we’re going to have to wait an entire year before the next one comes out. I cannot wait for the cover reveal though. Who will be on the cover next? And gah, you never know. What if Victoria decides to release a novella about Rhy and Alucard to ease our hearts? 😛 And awesome, I’ll be checking your review out soon. It’s been forever since I’ve blog hopped!


  6. Analee @ Book Snacks says:

    Soo I’m currently reading A Darker Shade of Magic (almost done actually, eeep!!) and I’ve already bought A Gathering of Shadows because I can’t wait to read it. So I had to skim most of your review, but omg, I’m so glad you loved this one!! ❤ Ahhhhh I really can’t wait!!

    Liked by 1 person

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