Summing It Up: June 2016

Summing It Up_ June 2016

Hello, everyone! It’s really been a while. I hope you all are doing well!

A few weeks ago I added an “Update” widget on my blog’s sidebar that shared I was taking an unplanned hiatus due to my heavy work schedule. (A lot of the nail technicians were on vacation and some of them quit their jobs unexpectedly so I had to fill in, which meant I was essentially working full time for seven days a week.) So with everything happening so sudden, I didn’t do much blogging or get a chance to release a official hiatus, so I’m going to do that now.

I’ll be working a lot more than I planned this summer not only to help the family business because it’s currently understaffed but to save money for school since my leftover undergraduate scholarships only covers a part of my pharmacy school tuition. So I still won’t be around too much as I used to be. And while I was away (for 10-ish days, which may not seem like much) I liked the space between my posts. And I hope to continue posting less. I think it’ll be better this way especially since I know this fall semester is going to be tough. I think getting used to this new schedule with my blog will be beneficial and healthy for me anyway.

So I guess what I’m trying to say with this introduction is: I’m not really on a break from blogging. I’ll still be around, but count on a more unstable posting schedule from Xingsings here on out! I used to post about 2-3 posts a week. Now that may not be the case anymore. Sometimes it may be still twice a week or even once a week, whatever my work (and future school) schedule will allow! I will try to continue to visit everyone’s blogs but definitely not the frequency as I used to before. Hope that you all can understand and support me with this decision. ^.^

But anyway, onwards with the monthly recap and favorites post, huh? 🙂

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