Manga Review: Wolf Children

9780316401654Wolf Children (Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki) (おおかみこどもの雨と雪)
Original Story by
Mamoru Hosoda
Art by Yu
Published by Young Press, Yen Press from 2012 to 2013
Genres: [Seinen] Fantasy, Drama, Slice of Life
Volumes: 3
Status of manga:
My rating for the anime: 7/10

*Review based on entire manga series

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4 Stars, Completed August 7, 2016

– SPOILER free –

Wolf Children essentially begins as a love story between a young university student named Hana and an enigmatic man who attends her college but isn’t exactly a student there. As they begin to fall deeply in love, he reveals that he’s not human and transforms into a wolf. Unwavering, Hana still accepts the “wolf man” into her life. They happily get married and have two healthy children: Yuki born on a snowy day and Ame during heavy rain. All is well until Hana’s husband is tragically taken away from the family (this is not a spoiler-I checked and it was in the book’s cover flap as well as Goodreads’ synopsis), and subsequently she becomes a single mother. Unable to keep her wild and expressive children away from the prying eyes of the people in a densely populated city, she soon makes the decision to move to the countryside. And there she and her family will have to face other plights but also many joys as well.

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Book Haul: July 2016

July 2016 Book Haul

July was a good month in terms of book buying for me! I’m sure the pictures will make it appear like I bought more than I really did because I tend to pair my bookmarks with their corresponding books when I do “book photoshoots” (I’m finally catching on with the Bookstagram jargon, hehe), but I actually only bought 9 books which is less than what I normally splurge on. And all of them were (of course) on sale or sold at a bargain price for ridiculously cheap.

Of the ones I bought, I’ve read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which I enjoyed immensely last yearL-DK, and Kamisama Kiss. As for the rest, I’m pretty shocked that I ended up taking them home. I primarily gravitate towards YA literature, but I guess I was in need of stocking up my adult literary fiction and nonfiction TBR piles since they’re severely lacking, haha.

And, no surprise, I did go crazy with bookmarks. shrugs I can’t help but want to collect all the reading buddies Happy Hello Art creates. 😉

So that’s all that I really wanted to say about July’s purchases. Summer, you deserve a pat on the back for being pithier than usual. I’ve noticed how a lot of my posts have been crazy long lately. I promise it’s not intentional or anything. I’m going to make an effort to be more concise in the future!

As always, all the links will go to Goodreads and/or Myanimelist if it’s manga. And, as stated implicitly earlier, I purchase all of my bookmarks from Happy Hello Art on Etsy.

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Summing It Up: July 2016

summing it up_ july 2016

Hi, friends! July was a pretty fantastic month even though I had to work a lot in the beginning half. But, hey, work can sometimes be fun and I’m thankful to at least have a job. Because we all probably know by now that I spend way too much money on books and bookmarks to not have one. Aside from going to work and meeting up with a few of my friends, I had a pretty boring and uneventful July.

So let’s get right into what happened with the blog, shall we?

July Blog Posts*

*in publication order, not by favoritism

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