Happy New Year + Looking Back at 2016 + 2017 Resolutions


Happy new year, everyone! 🎉

Gee, where does the time go, right? Though 2016 wasn’t the best year for the world, I had a pretty okay 2016 myself. I left teenagehood and started my 20s. I began pursuing my dream career by beginning pharmacy school. I managed to still schedule posts for this blog every month (some months with a mere 1 post-but still), completed my Goodreads reading challenge of 30 books with surpassing it by 16, and learned to achieve a better (personal) balance between my internet and real life.

Anyway, I’m in disbelief with all that has happened this past year-the bad and the good; it’s unbelievable that we’ve made it to another year already. But I hope that this year will come with good (if not better) surprises for us all. And I wish you all a very safe and healthy 2017.

And with a new year I think that means another list of resolutions is due? But before I share what goals I have for 2017, I think it’s only proper to see if I was at all successful with the ones from 2016 first.

Here are my finalized thoughts on that subject:

Evaluating My 2016 Resolutions



Overall, I didn’t do too shabby! 2016 was actually the first year I compiled a list of resolutions. Normally, in the past I wouldn’t bother because I always kind of feared I wouldn’t be able to meet my goals. I hate feeling disappointed with myself. Not to mention, I do have commitment issues when it comes to things of this sort. But I’m pleased with how well I did! Then again, a lot of my goals were pretty attainable, but that’s besides the point. Haha.

And if you’re curious of exactly what I was up to in the past year, these Summing It Up posts should prove helpful. Essentially, my SIU recaps are like other bloggers’ monthly wrap ups and favorites. I decided I couldn’t leave out mentioning them in today’s post since they make the perfect sources in rewinding the events that took place in my personnel life (within and outside reading and blogging) the previous year.

2016 Summing It Up Posts

January February | March April May June July August September October | November December (this link won’t work until a few days when the post goes live!)

Anyway, to not make this post too, too long let’s move onto what I hope to do in 2017.

2017 Goals

Bookish Resolutions

  • In the years prior, 30 books was manageable because I didn’t have a heavy load with school, but I’m bumping my reading challenge down to only 25 books this year because of the rigor of pharmacy school. That means I’d like to read about two books per month.
  • Of these 25 books, I hope that 5 will be related to science or medicine. Last year I failed with reading more nonfiction so maybe this new goal will help me fix that.
  • A simple but not so easy goal is I want to be able to finish reading and writing reviews for 90% of the solicited ARCs by their release dates. I’m usually good at doing this but it’ll be more of a challenge now that I’ll be bogged down academically. However, I also don’t think it’ll be too bad since I rarely request books now anymore anyway.

Blogging Resolutions

  • If I’m planning to read 25 books, shouldn’t I be able to at least post 25 book reviews? Not to mention I have some titles that rollover from 2016 that I didn’t get a chance to finish writing a review for. Maybe those’ll help with this challenge, too.
  • I’d be lying if I said spending my last days of 2016 playing catch-up and replying to the comments on this blog was not a bit insane, It’s not that I don’t enjoy reading comments or talking to bloggers, but I hate that I waited so long that a lot of the comments kind of lost their relevance. It makes sense that replying five months later is just not the same as replying, say, a week. Plus, I don’t want to appear like I’m just ignoring people (by writing, scheduling new posts but not replying to comments on the old ones). So this year no matter how busy I am with my school and personal life I want to keep up with replying to comments on my blog in a timely manner.
  • My instagram game was pretty strong in 2016, if I do say so myself, but I need to venture out of my comfort zone and use Twitter more. I created that account to help publicize my blog. So I want to at the least start tweeting about new posts that I publish on Xingsings.(Summer, use Twitter to its full potential…)

Career/Academic Resolutions

  • The first semester of pharmacy school was killer because it was an adjustment from taking undergraduate classes to a professional/graduate level courses. But, overall, I learned heaps and enjoyed my classes. My next goal, academically, is just to continue to survive school and maintain above a 3.5 GPA.
  • The second objective is to pass my summer rotations with ease and have fun with the experience. It’ll be an added bonus if I get along with my preceptor as well. #okayi’mjustgettinggreedynow
  • I’ve been delaying this but I need to get a job at a local pharmacy as an intern. Nearly all my classmates are working in pharmacies, but because I had a job (working at my family’s salon) I never thought to apply as a pharmacy technician when I was an undergraduate, which was how a lot of my friends got their internship positions.

Personal Resolutions

  • I got my first cavity early 2016 and discovered that I have a fear of going to see the dentist. So, to stay away from the dental office, I need to abstain from sweets! Or I need to at least try to minimize the amount of my sugar intake because at the rate I’m indulging in frappes I could become diabetic.
  • I was recently given a cookbook for Christmas; now I own two. And since I’m about to turn 21, I think it’s about time to improve my cooking skills. I’m not that bad. All my dishes are actually passable and even sometimes very good, but I want to upgrade to attempting harder recipes and enhance the dishes I already know how to make.
  • Working out daily was tough, so this year I just want to at least incorporate some type of workout about 4-5 times per week.

And that’s all that I have planned for this upcoming year. What about you guys? What goals do you hope to reach in 2017? 😀

22 thoughts on “Happy New Year + Looking Back at 2016 + 2017 Resolutions

  1. Lais says:

    Happy New Year, Summer!
    I’m glad you achieved a lot of your 2016 goals. I didn’t make a list of personal resolutions last year, so I wasn’t able to look back at it. But I think I managed everything pretty well. We both read a close number of books, which I’m very happy about. Although many bloggers achieve fantastic numbers, I would never be able to read as much. However, I’m more competitive this year. I set my goal for 50 books – I’m not sure if I’ll be able to achieve that, so I’m open to set the bar lower if I realize that I’m pushing myself too much.
    One of my goals for 2017 is to become the “schedule queen”. I’m terrible at preparing things on advance or sticking to a calendar. Basically, I procrastinate for ten years and then cry of desperation the night before. But as I’m having more responsabilities this year, I’ll really have to become more organized!
    I’ll also try to put as a goal for myself: “leave shorter comments”. Because, honestly, what is this HUGE RANT I’ve just done? Sorry about that, hahah! I really hope you have a fantastic year and that you’re able to achieve all your goals! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      Happy 2017, Lais!

      2016 was the first year where I set resolutions for myself and, to be completely honest, I never even looked back at them until I decided to write up this post. I try not to pressure or be too hard on myself. Because life is short and it’s definitely okay if we don’t meet all our plans and goals. (: Oh my, well if you read around 40-ish books this year, I’m sure you’ll be able to make it to 50. ^.^

      I totally support you being the “schedule queen,” haha. Though a lot of my friends used agendas/planners growing up, I never was organized (like filling in calendars and such) until I started college? Either way, it’s a great lifestyle. Good luck! (;

      Haha, nooooo. I ADORE your lengthy comments, Lais! Reading them truly brighten my day. XD


  2. Warisha Reads says:

    Happy New Year, Summer! It’s so good to hear from you. 😀
    I’m really proud that you’ve managed to surpass your reading challenge of last year by 15+ books. Also, your resolutions for this year are very impressive, mainly focused on self-improvement. I cannot wait to see all the amazing books you read this year and the reviews you’ll write for them.
    Have a Good Day 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      Warisha! It’s been a while; I’ve missed you. T_T

      Yes, I was in disbelief that I’d finish that many (since I’m a moderate to slow reader). And thanks so much for your continued support. There are many fab book releases in store for us this year.

      Have a lovely weekend, and happy 2017! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Warisha Reads says:

        Awww Summer ❤
        Let’s catch up sometime and buddy read a book together. I am myself a very slow reader and with College work, I rarely find the time needed to read. But, I am working on that.

        Happy Reading and Happy Weekend! ❤


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