Summing It Up: December 2016


Happy 2017, friends!¬†ūüéȬ†It seems that I’ve decided to start the year strong with three scheduled blog posts in a row, haha. Make sure¬†to check out my 2017 Resolutions and Blogiversary post¬†if you haven’t already and would like to.

So, the beginning of December was slightly stressful because final exams had me like:


But I managed to survive. I did end up getting a couple of B’s/B+’s¬†in 4 of the 9 courses I took, which is disappointing to a degree because it’s worse than how I normally¬†do in school. But you know what? I’m totally happy with the results, because my GPA didn’t suffer too much and I have no plans on pursuing further education after I graduate pharmacy school. Plus,¬†one of the B’s resulted from a ridiculous¬†curve in pathophysiology (and pharmacology; it’s a combined course), so I should be very thankful.¬†ūüôŹūüŹľ

As for the¬†second¬†half of the month, it¬†was quite restful and relaxing. I did¬†stay busy with working at the family salon and running errands that I’d put off for the entire year in my free time but I also indulged in countless of frappucinos when I was out, finished an awesome drama called¬†Nirvana in Fire¬†(if you haven’t already¬†read about how it gave me¬†all the feels, click¬†here), and spent time with my good friends and father.

And I’m still on winter break, which means¬†I have some time to finish catching up with book reviews and blog hopping¬†before I return to school.¬†The spring semester begins¬†less than a week on the 9th, however, and then I’ll be¬†in hibernation again.

So that was my month in a nutshell. Now¬†let’s get on with recapping the other parts of my December (plus pictures), shall we? ūüėČ

December Blog Posts*

*in publication order

What a sad, sad month in the book blogging department. This is the first month since I’ve started to blog where I didn’t post a single review on here (or on my Goodreads). I’m in the process of drafting six but I haven’t had the will to finish them.¬†Sigh. I’ll be better, I promise.

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