Summing It Up: June 2017

Sigh. Again, June was not that impressive in the reading and blogging departments for me.

But instead of labeling this inactivity as a unpremeditated hiatus or a slump as I have been doing this past year… I think I should confess that I’m slowly facing the reality that I’ve outgrown my enthusiastic blogger phase from 2015. I, honestly, no longer have the inspiration to post twice (or even once) a week as I did back then. I’ve come to accept that I’m more of a casual blogger now. I don’t see myself posting regularly or being super interactive like I used to anymore. But I also believe that this change isn’t a bad thing per se because even if it means that I’ll post less, perhaps, taking these breathers in between each post will give me more motivation to release more quality content. Besides, it’s a natural course for people to evolve and their interests to alter with time.

I didn’t intend for this to sound like a farewell or anything (because I’m definitely not quitting this blog completely yet), but I’ve just been meaning to get this admission off my chest for a while now.

Anyhow, with that disclosure aside, onto the real recap of this month. As I hinted in my last monthly wrap up/favorites post, I started my summer externship. And, gosh, it was an absolutely amazing experience. I highly encourage you all that are fellow students to apply for internships/externships if opportunities arise. I only participated in this one because it’s mandatory in the US for pharmacy students to have rotations, but I’m now so grateful that this is built in our curricula. Learning in didactic classes is nice but getting hands on experience (outside of lab) is so vital.

Also, quick warning before I move on. This post is going to be quite lengthy! I know that these monthly wrap up/favorites are probably my least viewed posts since they’re not strictly bookish, but I enjoy putting a lot of effort in them since they’re for my own benefit really. I view the compilation of Summing It Up posts as a diary of sorts, haha. The idea of being able to look back and see what I was into in the past appeals to me. XD

– What I Read –

Dengeki Daisy (full manga series) (Myanimelist)

I didn’t really have much leisure time this month so I only finished up the Dengeki Daisy series. (There are 16 volumes total.) Admittedly, I did read the chapters online with fan translations because I generally make it a rule to not buy manga unless I want to commit to collecting the entire series. And I don’t come to that decision until I know that the manga is super good because manga can get ridiculously expensive since they’re rarely on sale. I digress… This particular one was pretty marvelous. Immediately after finishing, I ordered 8 volumes from Amazon. It’s obviously another romance manga, but the plot and romance is quite unconventional and less cliché than most shoujo I’ve read in the past. The romance was so swoonworthy and the comedy was consistently fab. Anyway, I’m going to save the rest of my thoughts though and reveal them later in my review, which I hope to start composing soon as my impressions are still fresh.

– June Blog Posts –

– June Events –

Father’s day was in June! To be honest, me and my dad don’t celebrate many holidays (if any really) but father’s day is still important to me since my dad has always been a influential figure in my life. So I gave him a hug that Sunday, lol. (We’re not exactly a household that does gifts-when it comes to people within our immediate family, that is.)

As previously mentioned, I was on my community pharmacy rotation (or IPPE1 (P1 Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience)). To best describe what this is it’s basically an externship. I was working a 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday and was able to  learn a ton form the people at my site. I am so, so grateful for this opportunity because I got to familiarize myself with doing things I had never done before outside of community lab (e.g. filling prescriptions, counting drugs, correcting desk audits, helping the pharmacist with administering vaccines, totaling the daily deposits, answering the phone, helping out with the hemophilia and mental health related stuff, checking/counting inventory for the quarterly inventory check, getting to check out prescriptions with the quality assurance system (with a pharmacist over my shoulder, of course), and even witnessing what it’s like when DHEC makes an inspection). I didn’t get technical and there was more I’m sure. But anyway, the staff at the site I was at were so helpful and I was able to gain a lot from this experience being someone that never worked in a pharmacy before and hadn’t had any hands on experience aside from a day of shadowing before I got in pharmacy school and pharmacy lab in my second semester of my P1 year. Anyway, this will forever be one of the most memorable months for me.

– June Favorites –

As mentioned earlier in this post, I LOVED Dengeki Daisy, the manga series, to bits. This series has garnered so many positive reviews from shoujo fans but, typically, I don’t read manga unless I’ve seen an anime or live action film adaptation of that series. Anyway, I’m so glad I took the plunge and gave this a chance because it was awesome. (By the way, I noticed that there’s a review on Goodreads that mentions there’s so much sex in this. Don’t let that review deter you because there isn’t any. I have no idea why that reviewer included that. Maybe she didn’t mean it in the literal sense, haha..)

My friend told me about the Studio Ghibli Fest. And you best believe that I went and saw My Neighbor Totoro when it was playing at my local theater. (I went the second day so I watched it with English subtitles.) It’s been years since I’ve last seen this SG film and it was as heartwarming as I remembered it to be. “The Path of the Wind” is such a beautiful song.

And, lastly, my final favorite from June was Book Boyfriend Box’s June Drama and Dating box. Feel free to swipe and take a look at all the photos of the content of the box if you’re curious. I was super happy with the chosen book and I’m going to put those cute magnetic bookmarks to good use.

– Video Favorites – 

(I apologize. There are a lot!)

Predictable as I am, you guys can guess that I LOVED this comeback by NCT 127. I have to say out of all the NCT songs… my favorites are still “Limitless” (the massive harmonies in that chorus gets me every time) and “The 7th Sense” (because Ten bae is in that unit), but as repetitive and trippy as this song/MV, “Cherry Bomb,” is I like it more than “Firetruck” by a landslide. The grungy beat is probably what makes it appealing to me. And, gah, don’t get me started on the choreo. The move at 1:05 is so hot. Like I can’t. (Side note: I thought I should add that Yuta really caught my eye with this promotion. He looks so fly with this comeback.)

If you guys have been with me for a long time you would remember one of my first negative book reviews; it was published nearly two years ago (!!!) but I mentioned Boa in that post since it was pretty relevant at the time. Anyway, she’s a total queen; that “Kiss My Lips” album was pure gold. And she totally slayed with this single, “Camo.” It’s easily one of the most listened songs I’ve downloaded this month.

Gah. Aside from Yixing, of course, Taemin (or should I say TaeMAN) is my favorite Asian male solo artist. (Have you noticed that I tend to stan main/lead dancers in K-pop boy bands? It’s most likely because I have three left feet so I find dancers attractive.)

#pureaesthetic. That is all.

Believe it or not, it may not seem like it but I really do not follow K-pop as much as I used to. I was a massive superfan when I was a teenager and literally would “research” every new song and group as they came out. Now? Definitely not so much. I only learn of new groups through my friends that are still heavily involved with keeping up with all that goes on in the K-pop scene. Anyway, I found this gem of a group on my own last month and really, really liked this track.

With each monthly release DAY6 puts out I get more and more convinced that this band can do no wrong. Sunrise is just my kind of album; it’s fab.

In my opinion, Lee Hyori shares the throne with Boa. Believe it or not, “10 Minute” was the very first K-pop song I was introduced to by my Korean bff. Back then I didn’t like K-pop, but I remember jamming to that song with my friend, hah. Anyway, “Seoul” shows a different side of Lee Hyori and I like it. The cinematography is breathtaking; the angles and filters are so pleasing to watch. I also find all the relevant Seoul backdrops so relevant and nice.

I am pretty surprised with myself because there were a lot of favorite videos by female artists last month. I tend to gravitate more towards boy bands  when it comes to K-pop but women singers dominated my playlist in June. “Singing in the Rain” has such a strange and cluttered instrumental but I love the chorus. (Also check out “Eclipse” if you like this. It’s another song by a member of Loona.)

Seriously, everyone that teaches/attends this dance studio is so stylish. The matching outfits was the perfect touch to this routine.

If you haven’t already caught on… I become total trash for couple dances from 1 Million, hah.

Fans of this series, Princess Agents, seem to prefer the opening but for me the ending is what takes the cake. The beginning of this track really hits the feels (I think because of the minor key). Anyway, this is probably my favorite drama from the ones that I’m currently watching. It’s nowhere near to the perfection of Nirvana in Fire, of course, but it’s really good if you like the defying-gravity-type-of-ancient-asian-martial-arts wuxia genre. Also, this show features an array of badass women characters, which I can’t complain about. And though Wiki and the opening/ending videos make it seem like a romance… that aspect of the show isn’t as prominent. Although, the downfall of this drama so far is the CGI; it’s ridiculously terrible and green screen scenes are so obvious. But the engaging storyline makes up for the terrible production. I love a good revenge plot and I’m already aware that this drama is going to take that route.

I really liked all the Produce 101 Concept Evaluation performances a ton, which why I’m linking them all here as a playlist. But my absolute favorite was “Never” because, of course, I’d root for the team with Jong Hyun. The fact that my Product 101 bias was in the group aside though, I also thought everyone in Nation’s Son did an incredible job. However, this also brings me to the subject that I AM SO BUTTHURT by the results of this show. My ideal final lineup consisted of Kim Jong Hyun, Kang Daniel, Hwang Min Hyun, Park Woo Jin, Ong Seung Woo, Kim Samuel, Kim Jae Hwan, Jung Se Woon, Lee Dae Hwi, Park Ji Hoon, and Lai Guan Lin. Of course, the chances of my dream group debuting together exactly as how I wanted were major slim so, rationally, I know I shouldn’t be disappointed… but I still am. Sigh.

Also, here is my favorite piano arrangement/cover of Produce 101 Season 2‘s “Pick Me” piano theme.

Like I said in my earlier comment… Overall, I’m kind of surprised but also not really with the results for this season of Produce 101. There were so many controversies/scandals associated with the contestants and each week’s 11-member lineup changed drastically. [SPOILER for episode 11; highlight the white text to read it] I’m still sad that JR, Se Woon, and Samuel didn’t make it into Wanna One, but I’m not going to say that the members that made it at the end were less deserving. Honestly, from the beginning of this show I was rooting for all the trainees. There was so much talent with this season; I hope that this isn’t the end for the elminated trainees and that I’ll see them living their dreams on stage someday. :’)

I have a love/hate relationship with these Korean survival shows, but I am glad I gave this show a chance. I was able to (re)discover Nu’Est and grew to really love JR (Kim Jong Hyun). Hopefully, this won’t be the last fans see of him (or the other eliminated trainees)!

June’s most listened to piano piece goes to Nathan Alef’s cover of the themes from La La Land. I have not seen this film but I’ve been really enjoying the OST nonetheless. And Nathan is actually a pianist that’s been on my radar ever since I was in high school, haha.

– What I’ve Been Watching – 

Attack on Titan (Season 2)7/10 [Completed]

To be completely honest, I found this season to be somewhat of a letdown. It may be because I don’t like this particular arc of the story… but there were some really slow episodes. Despite this though, the art was quite stellar. And omg, there were so many mind-blowing reveals with this season. I was so shocked because I’ve never read the manga. I hope that fans of the anime won’t have to wait for another four years before season 3 comes out because it ended on a pretty good cliffhanger.

Fighter of the Destiny4/10 [Dropped]

I only started watching this because I was waiting for the next episodes for Princess Agents (a drama I’ll talk about later in a few paragraphs below) to update. It’s another historical drama with a lot of fighting and action. And there are several romances ongoing weaved into the storyline but I just wasn’t feeling the romance nor drama at all. Luhan was pretty handsome but his character and the lead female’s were too similar for their relationship to become cannon. It was excruciatingly boring watching their scenes. Also, the CGI in this was outdated and cringeworthy.

I’m Your Destiny4/10 [Completed]

I’m Your Destiny would have been better if the female lead’s character was written differently. It wasn’t until the last few episodes did I find her to change for the better but by then it was too late for me to revert from my original opinion of her (re: that she was very annoying). And the ending left much to be desired. The writers spent too much time including unnecessary fillers in the last episode, so the real ending concerning the couple felt considerably rushed. Anyhow, I don’t really regret watching this one in its entirety because it was rather short like most J-dramas, sitting at 10 episodes. Plus, Yamapi was cute and his antics with the male lead while playing God was absolutely hilarious.

King’s Avatar, The7.5/10 [Completed]

This one was, surprisingly, really enjoyable. It reminds me of One Smile is Very Alluring, Love 020, and Sword Art Online since it’s another story with a gaming plot. I’m not a gamer, but it’s been viewed positively by the community for it’s representation and explanation of the gaming world or so I’ve heard. The plot gave just enough to make viewers want to continue watching the next episodes and the characters were interesting. Also, did I mention this is actually a Chinese anime? It was my first. Hearing them speak in Mandarin instead of Japanese did throw me off at first, but I got used to it rather quickly.

Princess Agents?/10 [Currently Watching]

June’s greatest drama obsession was the new Chinese historical drama, Princess Agents. Seriously, this show is moving up the ranks and becoming one of my favorites. (It still isn’t Nirvana in Fire perfection but it’s still pretty good.)  The heroine is refreshingly independent and strong. Zhao Liying’s character isn’t a pushover despite her perceived background as a slave, and she’s smart and witty. I also think the fight sequences are well done. My only criticisms are the love triangle and CGI. It could certainly do without a messy romance and the effects are horrible.

Trailer (with English subtitles):

Suspicious Partner?/10 [Currently Watching]

Suspicious Partner is still really cute and fluffy, and I’m enjoying it a lot. Currently, there are some troubled waters with the main couple’s romance but I’m sure things will get resolved soon since the drama will be ending in a few weeks.

I hope that June treated you guys all nicely! Rotations was a great learning experience as well as draining for me. But July is a month I’ll be having all to myself before I return to school mid-August so I plan on finally picking up Lady Midnight. Anyhow, thanks for reading and/or checking out this post. Hope to see you guys around! 🙂

24 thoughts on “Summing It Up: June 2017

  1. ravenblake99 says:

    Great Post! I loved Dengeki Daisy! I’ll look forward to your thoughts on it! It looks like you’re enjoying lots of dramas. I’m looking forward to Bride of the Water God. It’s a TV adaptation of the famous shoujo manga Bride Of the Water God. I recently found that there’s a Thai version of Goong/Princess Hours drama so I can’t wait to watch it too.
    Hope you have a awesome July! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      It must have been you that told me about Dengeki Daisy then! (Because I definitely remember someone (or a few people) from the blogosphere recommending it to me.)

      Indeed, I am. I haven’t heard Bride of the Water God but I’ll make sure to do some research on it later. I never watched Goong and I’ve not seen a Thai drama either, so I’ll add that on my list to look up. Thanks for telling me about them.

      Thanks, Raven! Same to you. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Lais says:

    summer, i really hope you don’t hesitate to share your long posts with us! i’m always happy to read them, hahah. i also hope that, even if you start blogging more casually, you don’t drop these posts, because i found them a lot of fun.
    the book boyfriend box was probably the only subscription box that caught my eye right away, and i’m sad this is their last box already. i probably wouldn’t be able to sing up for it anyway, being an international blogger, but their content was cute nonetheless.
    i have to admt that when i first listened to cherry bomb, i didn’t like it. the song was too hip-hop based for my taste, but after watching the performances, i couldn’t help but love it, hahah. i also love the dance move at 1:05, and the “nanana” part is super hot as well. i really recommend the rest of the album, especially the song sun & moon. it’s very different from cherry bomb, but it gives me great vibes.
    i had fighter of the destiny on my to-watch list, simply because of luhan, but after reading your review… i mean, i’m not a fan of historical drama anyway, so i feel like this one won’t be for me at all.
    i hope you have a fantastic july, summer! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      Aww, thank you so much for reassuring me, Lais! Even if I blog less, I think I will continue making these SIU posts just because they’re so fun on my part.

      I think the BBB ships internationally but I would imagine that the shipping cost would be crazy ridiculous and it would take a long time for the package to arrive, so it probably wouldn’t be worth it. Alas, this month was their last box anyway.

      That is literally me with a lot of K-pop songs. With the first listen I knew “Cherry Bomb” was one I would like since I’ve been leaning more towards Korean hip hop and R&B as of late, but yes! The visuals and choreo makes the song a whole lot better. Gah, I agree! The ‘nanana” part gets me every time. /swoon/

      Oh no! I’m sorry that my opinion may have discouraged you from watching Fighter of the Destiny… I wanted to love it but everything was too cringeworthy and I wouldn’t recommend it, sadly.

      Thank you, Lais! As always, wishing you the same. 🙂


  3. Marie says:

    I really love reading all of your monthly wrap-ups, Summer, so please don’t ever feel weird writing tons and tons here. It’s always so great to know what you were up to, especially since your blog posts are getting more and more spaced in time. I understand the feeling of losing this motivation to blog as much as you did back in 2015 – I have to admit the feeling gets me sometimes, and even if for now I’m still blogging loads, I understand growing out of it a little bit. As long as you’re still here a bit and I have some news, I’ll be happy. You have been such an incredible friend during all of my blogging adveture, Summer, I really wanted to tell you that ❤
    I’m so happy the internship went well! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      /cries/ Aww, thank you so much for this comment, Marie! I really appreciate the support you’ve always given me and my blog over the years. ❤

      Hopefully, I’ll still be around some. But thank you so much for everything you said. You’re really special to me and I value our friendship as welll. T_T

      This reply couldn’t be more repetitive, but thank you for the well wishes (re: me finding an internship), too. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lois says:

    I say quality over quantity and that is what we are treated to with every one of your blog posts. It takes a lot of time and patience to manage a blog so I think it’s definitely natural to have a cooling off period. You do you. There’s no guide book to blogging so just do it when you want. It sounds like the internship was incredible and very insightful. I’m glad you enjoyed it so much and that the staff were helpful and approachable. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      You’re too nice to me, Lois! T_T Thank you so much! I’m a little sad I’ll be online less but I think this is the right thing to do. Thank you for understanding. And thanks for always being such a great support to me. ❤

      Yes, the rotation was so fab and I loved it so much (as you already know in great detail from our essay long GR messages, hah). 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Carolyn says:

    YES Cherry Bomb!! so good! It seems like you’re having trouble finding good things to watch; I’ve been seeing some low ratings lately :p maybe you’ve gotten harsher with your reviews.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      Thanks for going through the work to comment twice, haha. Your first comment must have disappeared right? …well that because I recently switched to moderating my comments. Two months ago a bazillion spam comments would comment on my posts (and reply to people) freely. Anyway, it’s a pain but I’ve resorted to doing this now. I just thought I’d let you know in case this happens again. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  6. leathehatless says:

    I believe we should posts as much as we like. A blog is a personal space on the internet and even If you have followers, want you want to accomplish with it comes first. So don’t worry about the number of posts.

    So, the anime was also a bit of a let down. Damn.. Well, I might watch it this summer. Good luck with the beast of Lady Midnight. I think after being very disappointed with the Infernal Devices I will just read the summary of the next books.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      That’s the best and healthiest philosophy, I believe! I want to post more but I don’t know if I can so I think I made this post to help alleviate the pressure. But thank you for saying all that you did in this comment; I needed to hear those words.

      Alas, I wanted to love it being such a huge fan of the first season but, ugh, I don’t know. I wasn’t feeling the slow, confusing arc they’re at in the story.

      NOOOOOO. I love The Infernal Devices so that makes me sad to hear. But that’s alright, to each his own!

      Liked by 1 person

      • leathehatless says:

        I support you in your confusion. I’ve been that way for a while with the manga. Let’s hope it reaches a good place.

        It was still an enjoyable read, I guess people just hyped it too much and It could never match to my really high expectation. It happens.

        Liked by 1 person

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