Summing It Up: January 2018

I just posted my wrap up for December a couple of days ago so it feels sort of funny posting this one today, but if I don’t do it now who knows when I’ll do it. (I’ve been a very bad blogger, sigh.)

– January Events –

January was a wonderful month for me. I was ready to start the new year since 2017 seemed kind of rotten. January 2 marked my three year blogiversary with this blog; although, I’m not the blogger I used to be that would post 7-10 times a month… I feel very fulfilled and proud that I was able to post at least once a month for those three years. That month, I also came to decision that I would be continuing this blog and accepting the fact that my blogging may be more sparse and sporadic; the frequency dwindles down to if I feel inspired or motivated to post when I do.

I also celebrated my 22nd birthday, which is crazy. This has been the year where I have had the most correspondence with bloggers outside of the blogosphere. I use Instagram a lot and I feel like I’ve really gotten to know people personally more that way. In fact, there are more than a handful of bloggers that I talk to almost every day or at least several times a week through that platform or Goodreads. I even write letters and text some of those friends. I don’t know. It really blows my mind how close I have become to some of you all.

As for school, I’m back for the spring semester. The students have already hit the ground running and we have lots of work. I’m already nervous for my summer rotation in June because there’s already so much material that I feel like I need to retain. I’m not complaining though but I know that this semester is going to be tough, for sure.

And that’s January in a nutshell. Overall, I’d classify it as one of the better months and already a bright start to the new year.

– What I Read –

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet (full manga series) | Hatsu*Haru (full manga series)

Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet’s lovely art. ❤

I was reading a bunch of books in January (Shadowsong, Tempests and Slaughter, The Bear and the Nightingale, and The Emperor of Maladies) but, ultimately, put a lot of them hold and finished only two manga series, Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet and HatsuHaru. (The only one I’m still continuing to read into February is Maladies, if you’re curious.)  Both of them are still ongoing but I read up to the most updated chapters that were available online. The mangaka, or author/illustrator, of TLP is the same one that wrote Daytime Shooting Star, a series I read and greatly enjoyed last year. Mika Yanamori’s art style is so pretty; it’s definitely one of my favorites. The story of this one is extremely similar to Daytime Shooting Star but I didn’t mind since it still had some originality. Plus, I like the sensei in this one way more, actually. (How can a 2D character be this hot, omg?) For HatsuHaru, it doesn’t have many chapters released yet, just a mere 5 chapters. However, it’s proven to be a good start so far.

– January Blog Posts –

– Favorites –

I am so thankful for the many well wishes, cards, and gifts that I’ve received from friends and loved ones for my 22nd birthday this year. I don’t really celebrate, celebrate my birthday and it was especially hard to this year it being on a Monday, but I am mindblown by how much I received. I got to talk to a lot of my friends and all the longhand written cards made my day. Speaking of presents, I also woke up to an email from my friend Aparna (an artist I discovered on Instagram) drew for me; it’s a fanart of Your Name (Kimi no na wa) and it is gorgeous. I’m still so shocked that she did this for me. T_T

It is definitely not a secret that I love candles, especially bookish ones. I recently discovered a shop called Spireside candles (formerly Anthology candles) and this company is amazing! I’ve only placed one order but it’s become a new favorite along with Alchemy and Ink, In the Wick of Time, and Wick and Fable. I bought four candles and loved all them (“Wizard’s Pub” is the best one though!). The shipping was extremely fast. I got mine only two days after placing my order. The labels are clearly gorgeous and the fragrance of the candles are truly wonderful. They’re also a company based in my home state and in Charleston. Anyway, I could not recommend them more if you’re interested in literary candles!

We got new pedicure chairs for the salon! They arrived at 2pm Wednesday, January 24th, and me and my dad literally spent the entire night putting everything together. (There were 6 pedicure chairs and 18 nail tech and client chairs total that we had to assemble.) We actually didn’t finish until 6:40 am of the next morning. So that was kind of an exhausting day since I drove home after that and went to school at 7:10. Anyway, I’m glad we got all of that done fast though! The last pedi chairs we had were 8 years old and the mani chairs are over 20 years, so it was time of the upgrade. Anyway, me and my dad are very pleased with how everything turned out!

Guys, I caved and bought myself a subscription to Amazon Prime. The main incentive for me to get it was the two day shipping. So far that’s the biggest perk for me; I don’t really use the other stuff. I’m impressed that they deliver Sunday for Prime members though. And it’s currently 50%  off for me since I’m a student. I’ll be continuing to use it until that promotion runs out, I guess.

– Favorite Videos –

It totally beat me how I totally missed this when it originally released but it is so perfect. Taemin’s stage presence is no joke, which makes sense why he does so well as a solo artist. All of his music and dancing is art. /heart eyes/

A lot of Red Velvet songs have to grow on me before I like them, but I loved this one immediately. R&B is my favorite genre currently so… Also, they look amazing! Seulgi has always been my favorite. She slays every time with her vocals and dancing. She also stands out the most to me in every performance.

It’s Exo so no explanation needed! I really, really miss Lay but the other members are doing so well in Japan right now. I’m so proud of all of them and Lay on Idol Producer, which is a new survival program that I really need to start watching soon. :’)

I have thousand upon thousands of songs in my iTunes. Therefore, I go through a lot of phases and after that period I forget about a lot of the songs I have unless they’re in a playlist. “Where to Land” is one I rediscovered when I had my music on shuffle one day last month. And gosh, there’s no wonder why I liked it in the first place! This is such a smooth song.

Super Junior was before the time I started to like K-pop. In fact, the only exposure to the band I had was due to Mischievous Kiss. (The heroine in that series was a superfan, haha.) Along with “Sexy, Free, and Single” I really, really like “Black Suit” now.

Omg, this choreo is so… filthy. XD There are moments that reminds me of the MV. And YESSS, Sean Lew killing it, as always.

When I see that 1 Million releases a title with Junsun Yoo and Chris Brown or Zico, I know it’s going t be good. Junsun’s footwork never fails to amaze me. So smooth, so sharp.

– What I’ve Been Watching –

I actually had the flu (type A) right when I started school on the 8th, so I spent that week recovering by watching Grey’s Anatomy. I completed season 1 and 2, and even the first few episodes of 3. I can appreciate the show a lot more than I did when I was younger, but I don’t think I’ll be continuing since there are just way too many episodes. I mean, it’s even still ongoing in 2018?! That’s crazy!

After the Rain?/10 [Dropped]

I gave the first two episodes a go on a day I was bored and was feeling something animated. I think it’s an acquired taste kind of story. I like the older guy concepts but not when they’re over 20 years over, if that makes sense. Anyway, I’m dropping this one after just one week of airing not because it’s bad but because it’s not for me.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas8/10 [Completed]

Aside from Grey’s, I also saw a Japanese film called I Want to Eat Your Pancreas. I’m a sucker for sappy and melancholy J-movies set primarily in high school so this was on my TBW (To Be Watched) list for some while. Plus, Shun Oguri is in it and I haven’t seen any his movies since Hana Kimi era, which was unbelievably over a decade ago now. This one is a good one! I think its strengths were the way it was filmed and how the story is told. I like how seamless the flashbacks were and you can really feel the emotions/sentiments of the characters. I also think the actors did a fantastic job portraying conflicting emotions about life and death. I want to Eat Your Pancreas isn’t phenomenal but it is definitely worth watching if you’re into these type of movies. Apparently, there’s an anime in the works? I’ll definitely watch it when it comes out.

Yup! So that was January! I am so glad that I was able to post this not too late into the month this time since I haven’t been punctual with my wrap up/favorites posts lately. Anyhow, thank you so much for reading or glimpsing through if you did! Until next time. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Summing It Up: January 2018

  1. Marie says:

    Happy be-lated birthday again, Summer! I am so happy that you are continuing on your blogging journey, even if you are a bit more active on Instagram every day, I always look forward to reading your wrap-ups here and knowing what you have been up to, lately! ❤
    That fan-art of Your Name looks INCREDIBLE, I love it so much… also, is it too late to send you a gift, because I’d love to, haha 😛 ❤
    Hope you are havin a lovely February! xx


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