This is goodbye.

Happy 2019~! I’ve got some happy and sad news to share with you all today. It’s January 2nd so today marks my fourth year blogiversary (insane!), but after a lot of deliberation and careful thought for many, many months, I have decided that it’s time for me to retire Xingsings after four years.

Honestly, it feels utterly unbelievable and surreal to even type that since I never thought that I’d be part of the blogosphere for so long.

Many reasons contributed to why I came to this decision-from me knowing that I’ve lost the inspiration and drive to create posts to sillier (and sort of embarrassing) stuff like how I’m actually running out of WordPress media storage space and I’m unwilling to commit to moving onto a self-hosted site. Then there’s also the fact that I’m in my final semesters of pharmacy school and I can’t see myself blogging as I complete my P4 rotations, which are anticipated to be intense and full of high stress. And as much as I try to deny that it doesn’t, the fact still remains that it does really bother me when I leave comments unanswered and am unable to blog hop or visit other blogs like I used to.

However, with that all being said, there were factors that certainly made this decision difficult and encouraged me to want to stay as well. The declining viewership due to my inactivity was evident but it didn’t worry me because I always used this corner of the internet as a personal diary of sorts; I will definitely miss this aspect of blogging once I stop. And, most importantly, I truly believe that it’s because of the warm and kind community that has kept me a blogger reluctant to leave for so long. So I want to say thank you to the old and new friends that I’ve made over the years. I really appreciate all of you, and I can easily say that I consider many my best friends. To those part of the latter, I hope that we’ll be granted a chance to meet in person one day.

Anyhow, I really ought to end this post soon because I’m (for real) getting kind of teary. T_T Through this blog, in these last few years I’ve created a lot of content that I’m proud of, shared so much of my life online, made a lot of of incredible memories, had meaningful conversations with others from all over the globe, and built so many irreplaceable friendships. Thank you for joining me on this crazy ride that was Xingsings. My blog was a mess and had zero focus, but thank you for sticking with me for this long.

Of course, I can always be reached via my other social media accounts such as Instagram (@readxings) and Twitter (@xingsings). So feel free to keep in touch and contact me on those platforms anytime!

I am forever so thankful for my time here as a blogger and, perhaps, I’ll return someday. But for now, this is goodbye.

Summer Nguyen

P.S. This link might seem pretty random to share but it was one of the very first songs that got me into music in general (and that changed my life clearly since I don’t think I could live without it now). Anyway, this is my go to track when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut. So naturally this was on repeat as I was contemplating what to write for this final post. In true Summer fashion, I thought I would end with one last song on this blog. :’)

17 thoughts on “This is goodbye.

  1. Becky (Blogs of a Bookaholic) says:

    Awh Summer, sad to see you go! But as someone who took an unplanned year break from blogging with no warning, I COMPLETELY understand. Sometimes the drive and inspiration just isn’t there, or blogging no longer fits around your life. The good thing is, the blogosphere will always be here to welcome you back if you choose to return. 😀

    So glad to hear you’ve made so many friends along the way. All the best for the future and your studies!


  2. Robert Doyle says:

    I know how you feel. The community does not seem as vibrant as it once was. I hit 5 years in November, and even with an impending divorce, I decided I could not, would not allow myself to stop. But thats me and your reasons are your own. Sorry to see you go but I get it! Good luck and see you on IG!


  3. Marie says:

    I’m going to miss you and your blog posts so, so much Summer and I am sad to see this adventure ending for you, we have been blogging together for so long ❤ However if it’s the right thing for you, you feel it and I know we will keep in touch through instagram and mail and other ways, too. ❤ Love you, Summer, take care of yourself ❤


  4. leathehatless says:

    I wish you the best luck Summer!
    I’m also dealing with the same issue, blogging has become more of a chore than something I want to do and I feel like I need to take a step back and leave it be for a while.


  5. Balbina says:

    Hey Summer! I don’t know if you remember me but I had a blog called “Headinc 101” and you were one of my first readers. Now, that blog has revamped and many things have changed. I just wanted to tell you thank you for being one of my first friends on WordPress. I created Headinc 101 as a wee high schooler and looking back, I’m cringing, hehe. I wish you the best of luck with school (pharmacy school?! Damn, girl) and with any future endeavors you decide to pursue. I know I haven’t commented in a while but I have read your blog throughout the years and as cheesy as this may sound, you have been my one of my inspirations here on WordPress. Thank you so much for your content and your support. Happy 2019! 🙂 ❤


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