Hi there! My name is Summer. Welcome to my blog, Xingsings.

I am a Vietnamese-American student in my P2 year of pharmacy school located in the southern United States. So indeed, I’m actually more of a science nerd but I write for fun on this blog even though I am not too good at it.

I’m also a total bookworm, Asian drama addict, and music enthusiast. To fangirl with the rest of the world, I began this blog in January 2015. Here you will find reviews from various genres, random musings pertaining to my life, and rants about other unhealthy obsessions I possess at the time (such as gushing over fictional characters or K-pop stars). But for the most part, I’d consider Xingsings to be a book blog ergo you’ll mainly see a variety of bookish posts.

As for more details about me… In real life, I’m a quiet, thoughtful person that usually keeps to myself. I am not a big believer of MBTI but I’m an ISTJ if that gives you further confirmation of my shy personality. I’m a strict vegetarian and love all animals (well except for sharks-those beasts are absolutely vicious). And I am a loyal member of many non-bookish fandoms, xingmis and exo-l being the top two.

And that’s about it. I appreciate the visit! I stay pretty active in the internet world and love making new friends. So please feel free to comment or message me. Unless I’m on a blogging hiatus (which shall always be indicated under my “Updates” widget on the right sidebar), I always reply relatively fast.

Oh! You can also be my friend on Goodreads, send me a tweet on Twitter, watch me fail as an amateur photographer on Instagram, and say hello on my Tumblr (my non-bookish, EXO blog).


263 thoughts on “About

  1. vbooksunveiled says:

    Summer! How are you! So I’ve been seeing your last name around a lot, Nguyen, right? I thought I’d come by and ask HOW you say your last name because I keep saying Nguyen as en-goo-yen but I don’t know if that’s right. Will you clarify it for me? I would love to say your last name right. That would be a good idea.

    Love and books,

    Liked by 1 person

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