Asian Dramas Master List


Last edited: 11/15/2021

It’s no secret that I’m an Asian drama addict, so I thought I’d share a master list of all the Asian dramas I’ve ever watched (I’m probably missing a lot since I did watch quite a few growing up).

You’ll notice that next to the drama/movie I’ll indicate how I watched it and how much I liked it. I don’t like wasting my time on ones that I don’t enjoy so I do drop ones that I’ve lost interest in. If I decided to discontinue watching one before reaching the 5th episode I won’t have a rating because I think that’s unfair. So one’s with a [dropped] indication and a rating means I watched at least 5 episodes. All ratings are out of 10 and asterisks (*) by the rating means it’s an absolute all time favorite. And here’s a legend to make it easier to understand what each status means:

[Completed} – I watched the drama/movie in its full entirety, no skimming or skipping
[Dropped] – I stopped watching
[Skim Completed] – I finished but I skipped around scenes in the episodes
[Skipped Completed] – I reached the final episode or end, but skipped full episodes to get there

I also differentiate which version I saw (Chinese/Korean/Japanese/Taiwanese or drama/movie), but to eliminate confusion I’ve also linked the title of the dramas/movies to Asian wiki or general wikipedia because some movies (especially the period/historical/wuxia dramas) will have several adaptations from different years.

And though I have this list in alphabetical order, keep in mind that a lot of these dramas have multiple names. I’d advise using the Ctrl + F (for PCs) or Command + F (for Macs).

Lastly, I’m sort of a harsh critic when it comes to dramas just because I’ve seen so many. Therefore, the fact that I dropped or rated one low doesn’t mean you wouldn’t like it!

Edit 5/23/17: I ended up deciding to also include related links below the dramas that I talk about in blog posts. Usually in those posts, I include a mini review or first impressions of that drama. Feel free to take a look!

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