This is one of my unlinked, incognito pages. So I guess you got here after reading my About page. Well, welcome! Feel free to use this form to contact me whether it to be say hello or express any inquiries.

But before you shoot an email please read this:

If you’re an author and are interested in me reading and reviewing a book, please take a look at my review policy first. As you’ll notice from that page, I am no longer accepting review requests through my blog. I already have too much on my plate with the print books I get unsolicitedly from publishing companies in the mail and solicited electronic review copies from Netgalley. And after reading this disclaimer, please do not send an email thinking that this has changed. I will not reply to review request inquiries from authors. Please get your publisher to contact me.

If you’re planning to notify me that I’ve been nominated or tagged for an award/tag,  well, first, thank you! Sadly, I have actually become an award and tag free blog, meaning I rarely publish these posts anymore if at all. However, I’ll still accept the nomination/tag. And if you want to me to check out your post, I’d love to. Instead of email though, I’d much rather prefer it if you scrolled down and left a link of your post on my About page.

Unfortunately, with my current academic workload I don’t check my email for this blog as often as I’d like. So, please give me some time for a response.


The form:

Blogging takes hours, commenting takes minutes. Please don't hesitate to share your thoughts. ^.^

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