Bookshelf Tour (May 2018)

Hi there! I’ve really, really slacked off this past year and haven’t been been blogging. Aside from book reviews, one of my favorite posts to share in the past were my book hauls. (Shameless plug: I do most of my hauls though my Instagram story these days though!) Anyway, I think my last one was around this time of the year, and I sort of miss doing them! And since there’s no way I can recall all the books I’ve bought in the last 365 days… I decided to share an updated bookshelf tour (which will just show all of my books – new and old) instead. Now that I think about it, my last tour was from early 2017 so this was probably overdue anyway. Also since my last bookshelf post, I actually unhauled a bunch (like 100 books). I’ll also include a picture of those but I have the titles turned away from the camera; mainly because it was for an Instagram photo and I can’t retake it now because I’ve since given away those books. :’) But yeah! That’s all I have for this preface. I hope you guys like the pictures! (Feel free to enlarge the photos by clicking on them.)

P.S. Everything, for the most part, is by genre and then split into subgenres. However, the manga section is alphabetical, with all the Hayao Miyazaki works in “H” and Makoto Shinkai works in “M.”

P.P.S. Also, not pictured are ones I have out on my desk (TID series, Queen of Shadows, The Shape of Water, and Almost Impossible)

the unhauled

schwab / magic / immortals / necromancy

ya high fantasy / fae / badass females fantasy

marine / angels / fairy tales / some fae

some hp / shadowhunters / vampires

shapeshifters / animals / grishaverse / harry potter

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Bookcase/Bookshelves Post?

Hi! So lately I’ve been inspired to share my bookcase/bookshelves thanks to other book bloggers that have been encouraging me to do so (and because of Shelby’s post). Another incentive for me to post this is because of Addlepates and Book Nerds‘s weekly meme that allows book bloggers to “explore their bookshelves” and share their findings with the blogosphere. Honestly with school and the PCAT creeping up in July, I probably will make this a monthly feature instead. So I’ll do all of the 4 challenges in that month in 1 post at the end of each month. But since this is only the third week of March, I’m just going to share my bookcase in this post.

So with no further ado, this is my main bookcase that holds most of my novels (and the two sides holds movies)! They’re kind of sorted into series and genres.

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