Summing It Up: August – December 2018

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these recaps but I wanted to at least fit one last one before the year ended. XD

The academic semester has wrapped up (thank goodness!). I’ve been out of school for the past two weeks and I’ve spent most of my time of working and spending time with friends. The semester ended with a lot of stress from completing my final fall OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination-essentially a mock MTM (Medication Therapy Management) session where the student reviews a patient case for 10 minutes then goes over the patient’s medications and disease states and make pharmacotherapy recommendations/changes with that pretend patient) to my other 6 final exams. I also had a bunch of presentations (which I fretted over a lot, knowing me).

But! I really believe that my communication skills have improved and my stage fright has lessened substantially with weekly journal clubs and all this semester. I’m also more familiar/comfortable with reading medical literature and interpreting stats than I was before (e.g. when I was one my IPPE rotation this summer-honestly, thinking about how my presentation went down for that is still humiliating and makes me full of regret). Advanced drug information isn’t fun but it’s definitely made me feel a little more prepared for what’s to come next year with P4 rotations.

Speaking of those, I submitted my preferences for my rotations next year earlier this month. And I¬†already know I got an international rotation! November of next year, I’ll be in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve never traveled outside of the States so I’m nervous but ultimately pumped, too. The other rotations that I’m interested in are infectious diseases, pediatrics (particularly NICU), and nuclear pharmacy. Of course, (as expected) I asked for a lot of ambulatory care rotations and few community/retail ones but I also put in a few weird ones like mail order and drug information for my electives since they seem different and odd.

Aside from school, there’s not much else I want to share. I’m still working my two jobs and enjoying my free time when I have it. ūüôā

– What I’ve Been Reading –

If you didn’t gather by now… I’ve been a deep reading slump since the year has started.

Probably one of the best books that I read this year was Uprooted, a fantasy standalone. It totally gave me Howl’s Moving Castle¬†(my favorite Ghibli film) vibes. I also loved the characters and the fairytale like prose. It was a pleasant surprise and I wish I had read it sooner than I did. I gave it 4/5 stars.

I also finally picked up¬†The Star-Touched Queen, which had been on¬†my TBR list for forever. I had tried starting this book several times before, and I have to admit with this nth time trying to read it… I found it a struggle to immerse myself into the story. But I, ultimately, enjoyed it by the end after all the twists and turns that were revealed. 3/5 stars.

I was reading Vicious but, ultimately, I wasn’t enjoying myself that much as I was reading it so unfortunately I’ve put that one on an indefinite hold. I think it’s slower paced than I anticipated and I really need to be in the mood to read for those kind of books and I just wasn’t at the time. Plus, I had no clue the main story would be about two guys challenging themselves to near death experiences in order to reach superhuman strength, and I typically dislike most things vaguely related to superhuman/superhero type of stuff. (Don’t hunt me down.) I’m not going to put it in the DNF pile; I hope to maybe reach for it again another time.

I began To All the Boys I Loved Before after the immense hype it’s gotten when the Netflix film released this summer. From the 1/3 I read, it’s super cute and definitely a sweet and comical contemporary worth reading in the summer. Realistic fiction just isn’t my cup of tea so I sort of fell out of wanting to read that title, too. (I know, I’ve just been in a MAJOR reading slump.)

As I mentioned on my Instagram and my last posts, these recent months (or entire year, really) I’ve been more into manga. Consequently, I’ve started a ton of series. I’ve been rereading one my favorites, Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet and Daytime Shooting Star. Actually, the latter is going to be serialized in America starting the summer of 2019. It’s an understatement to say that I’m pumped.

I also started several ongoing series including Queen’s Quality, Living with Matsunaga-san, You Got Me, Sempai, Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, Perfect World, Let’s Play (webtoon), I Love Yoo (webtoon), The Jinx’s Lover (webtoon),¬†Waiting for Spring,¬†and most recently They Say I was Born a King’s Daughter¬†(webtoon). I would say that all of these are enjoyable-some more guilty pleasures than others. Although if I had to choose one to spotlight it would be I Love Yoo for its unique characters, addicting storyline, and swoonworthy romance. I’m not as familiar with the webtoon verse having only read about a handful (<10)… but I would say this is the best one I’ve read so far!

– Blog Posts –¬†

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I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo

I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Maurene Goo
Published by Farrar, Straus, and Giroux on May 30, 2017
Genres: [Young Adult] Contemporary
Pages: 336
Format: Hardcover
Source: Purchased

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Books a Million | BD

1.5 Stars, Completed September 24, 2017

– read bold text ONLY to avoid MAJOR SPOILERS –

There’s been so much Asian rep lately with the hype around¬†Crazy Rich Asians and To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, so I thought I’d share an old, belated review before the month’s end. However, to my dismay, I didn’t enjoy this title nearly as much as I did CRA¬†(in theater) and¬†TAtBILB¬†(my current read).

Real love: It was all about risk and having faith. There were no guarantees.

I¬†Believe in a Thing Called Love¬†is about hardworking perfectionist and star student, Desi Lee, and her plans of wooing her crush… not the traditional way but through the guidance of her beloved Korean dramas (catty girl fights, car crashes, and all). She’s certain that her K-drama list of to-do’s will win over Luka Drakos, because everyone surrenders to the magic of a good time-stopping, romantic straight out of a K-drama scene. But after a crazy turn of events, she realizes that love may be more complex and beyond simply “using a formula.” Desi may need to just learn to trust her heart and the process of falling it love itself (minus the drama and flair shown in films).

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Summing It Up: March 2017

Last month was like the calm before the storm. My spring break was early March, and it was wonderful even though I did hole myself at home away from humanity watching Asian dramas for the majority of that week. (It may seem pitiful to some but that was my ideal vacation. #embracetheintrovertlife) In regards to my academics everything went smoothly and was the usual.

(However, this month, April, is going to be quite horrific since I’ll be swamped with exams after exams after exams. Then finals. In fact, my prescription filling compentency exam and Top 300 Rx Drugs final is this approaching Tuesday,¬†which I’m not looking forward to but it’s unavoidable so I’m just going to put my warrior paint on. (LOL, my unease¬†shows because I’m saying ridiculous stuff now.) I also will have several presentations, one of them on tobacco cessation, which will be interesting. But more on all that later when it actually¬†is¬†April.)

Back to March… though everything with school¬†was normal, I had a friend that went through a really tough time and was admitted to the hospital. Subsequently our entire circle of friends weren’t in the best mental state for a while because we were worried about her. Good news is that my friend is on the mend! But that scare¬†really opened my¬†eyes to how crucial it is for one¬†to lead a well balanced life. Guys, seriously, I encourage you all to take care of yourselves and relieve as much stress as you can amongst your busy schedules. Remember that your health always comes first.

– What I Read –

Not exactly an impressive reading month, but considering what was going on I’m not too upset about reading three books-especially since two were mini bricks of books.¬†Pachinko¬†is adult fiction. It was nice to finally delve into something non-YA for a change.¬†A Conjuring of Light¬†was a thrilling ride; it proved that Victoria Schwab can do no wrong. And It gave me ALL THE FEELS. Thankfully, I buddy read this with Lois at My Midnight Musing so I had a partner¬†to vent all my feelings.¬†Windfall¬†was a refreshing contemporary that I enjoyed. I was actually part of the blog tour, so feel free to check out my tour stop post if you’re interested.

– March Blog Posts –

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Happy International Women’s Day + My Most Listened to K-pop Girl Group Songs

I’m always going on and on about K-pop (probably Exo specifically), and I noticed that I rarely talk about girl groups for some reason. So in honor of International Women’s Day I¬†thought I would share the top 20¬†K-pop girl group songs I’ve listened to the most. I won’t be talking about each track because that would be quite redundant, but I will say that if I had to choose favorites…¬†Taeyeon, F(X), and Spica are the most consistent artists in that I normally like all their releases.

Oh and a¬†brief¬†history of me and K-pop (if you’re curious and/or new to this blog)… I started listening to Korean pop music when I was in high school (about late 2011). And I believe¬†the biggest reason why I haven’t outgrown the musical genre and still listen to it¬†to this day is because of the great stage presence these idols have. They train at a young age and for many years before they can debut. (Actually the K-pop industry like many music industries anywhere around the world are pretty cutthroat and unstable.) During that time, they¬†learn a¬†variety of skills including singing, dancing, variety¬†sense and humor, languages, etc. Their¬†live performances are always so phenomenal due to the thorough lessons they had as trainees. And for that reason, I have huge respect for these idols and truly think they’re¬†are on a whole other level compared to other international artists. Haha, so that’s my short spiel.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the list. They’re in the order from most listened to least listened to. But even the least listened to… have been listened to many times seeing as this is only 20 songs out of thousands I have on my iTunes. (Yes, my music listening is no joke.) Lastly, keep in mind some of these releases are pretty old¬†because, well, I did begin listening to this genre of music 5+ years ago. XD

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Summing It Up: February 2017


Hello, happy March!

I’m not at all surprised that the shortest month of the year flew by so quickly. How were your Februaries?

Personally, I fell in a blogging slump last month. I actually have nearly 10 draft posts (all are reviews and one is a book haul) and I am hopelessly behind with getting to the comments on my blog and visiting others. I truly miss talking to you guys… School has just kept me occupied. I’m also still applying for internships, which has contributed to my busyness. (And I imagine if I do end up getting a second job, my life will only become more hectic.) However, my spring break is next week. So I’m hoping to catch up with everything¬†then!

Also, you might will notice that in this post I shall be omitting the “events” section particularly because I’ve simply had a boring February. School was my main priority and consequently my non-academic life¬†was pretty stagnant. (I did read some books and, finally, started a few dramas though.)

Anyhow, let’s get into the fun stuff, yes?

‚Äď What I Read ‚Äď

‚Äď February Blog Posts ‚Äď

*This review can only be found on my Goodreads;¬†I don’t have plans on crossposting it on Xingsings. (I don’t publish DNF reviews on this blog.)

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Summing It Up: September 2016


Hello, hello!¬†Hurrah, Autumn is finally here! If you guys know me well then you’d understand my excitement.¬†Fall is my favorite season because the¬†weather is¬†so¬†nice where I live. Plus, all the¬†seasonal¬†drinks are back in caf√©s (and most of you probably know of¬†my great addiction to frappuccinos by now).

September was a pretty intense month since I had my first round of major exams, but I’m¬†happy¬†to report that I survived! As predicted and conveyed in August’s Summing It Up, I didn’t prioritize a lot of my time to blogging. However, I’m¬†happy¬†to announce that I’m finally,¬†finally¬†out of the reading hangover/slump mess I was in for the past few months. I’m reading again (so I may feel inspired to post reviews¬†more than I have been), and I’ll be participating in a few blog tours this month in October.

And…. I don’t know how I managed it but I also watched a ton of stuff, which I’ll share later after my favorites section below. XD

September Blog Posts*

*in publication order

*I stopped cross posting my reviews from Goodreads because either they’re more school related or manga series that are still ongoing. I only want to publish reviews on Xingsings that I know I won’t make significant changes to and¬†that are more relevant to¬†you guys. So yeah. Haha, I hope that makes sense!

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Summing It Up: August 2016 + Pharmacy School Hiatus

Summing It Up_ August 2016

Hello!¬†How have you all been? I know, I’ve totally been MIA as of late, and I¬†confess that this absence has mostly been due to the fact that I started school! The fall semester actually began¬†mid-August, but I had to go to a weeklong orientation prior to school officially starting¬†since I’m¬†technically¬†a¬†first year again.¬†My classes are definitely a lot more rigorous and challenging in pharmacy school compared to undergrad, but I’m also really enjoying it; I can’t complain despite the stress.

In¬†addition to school, I’ve also been away because, well, I haven’t read anything. I’m still in a major reading slump (yes, it’s still from my¬†The Wrath and the Dawn duology¬†book hangover). And my Goodreads widget indicates that¬†I am about 50 pages into¬†Six of Crows¬†and reading¬†several engrossing manga (ReLife and Blue Spring Ride), which is a little outdated now seeing as I picked them up earlier in the month. They¬†did help battle the slump then… However, I¬†haven’t had time since returning to school to actually continuing these titles. In short, I’m not reading anything.

I’m finally facing a dilemma that I feared would happen: I can’t easily fit in¬†reading and blogging into¬†my schedule. I tried to compromise and only do it¬†on the weekends… but with work and catching up with things I put off during the week (academic reading, lab work, volunteering, additional extracurriculars, etc), it was pretty impossible to¬†designate as much of¬†my time to reading and blogging as I used to when I was an undergrad student. In June’s Summing It Up post (and actually back¬†in 2015 with the Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag), I anticipated that this would eventually occur during my entry of graduate/professional school… but it still feels quite sad that I’ve actually reached this point and realization.

But¬†it’s not a goodbye really. Because knowing me, I don’t like to take true blogging¬†hiatuses and I¬†definitely can’t see myself completely giving up Xingsings¬†just yet.¬†

I’m¬†not sure what direction Xingsings will be taking in the future, but I want¬†to convey my appreciation to everyone that has been along this amazing¬†blogging journey thus far.¬†All of you¬†have always showed great warmth and support for me and my blog, and I’m so grateful for those moments and the friendships I have gained. Like mentioned, this isn’t a permanent departure from blogging, but I know I won’t be able to¬†keep up with everyone as I’d like to. However, I hope that we will keep in touch in the future even if I’m not as active in the¬†blogosphere. ūüėÄ

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Summing It Up: July 2016

summing it up_ july 2016

Hi, friends!¬†July was a pretty fantastic month even though I had to work a lot in the beginning half. But, hey, work can sometimes be fun¬†and I’m thankful to at least have a job. Because we all probably know by now that I spend way too much money on books and bookmarks to not have one. Aside from going to work and meeting up with a few of my friends, I had a pretty boring and uneventful July.

So let’s get right into what happened with the blog, shall we?

July Blog Posts*

*in publication order, not by favoritism

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Summing It Up: June 2016

Summing It Up_ June 2016

Hello, everyone! It’s really been a while. I hope you all are doing well!

A¬†few weeks ago I added an “Update” widget on my blog’s sidebar that shared¬†I was taking an unplanned hiatus due to my heavy work schedule. (A¬†lot of the nail technicians were on vacation and some of them quit their jobs unexpectedly so I had to fill in, which meant I was essentially working full time for seven days a week.) So with¬†everything happening so sudden, I didn’t do much blogging or get a chance to release a official hiatus, so I’m going to do that now.

I’ll be working a lot more than I planned this summer not only to help the family business because it’s currently understaffed but to save money for school since my leftover undergraduate scholarships only covers a part of my pharmacy school tuition. So I still won’t be around too much as I used to be. And while I was away (for 10-ish days, which may not seem like much)¬†I liked the space between my posts. And I hope to continue posting less. I think it’ll be better this way especially since I know this fall semester is going to be tough. I think getting used to this new schedule with my blog will be beneficial and healthy for me anyway.

So I guess what I’m trying to say with this introduction is: I’m not really on a break from blogging. I’ll still be around, but count on a more unstable posting schedule from Xingsings here on out! I used to post about 2-3 posts a week. Now that may not be the case anymore.¬†Sometimes it may be still twice a week or even once¬†a week, whatever my work (and future school)¬†schedule will allow! I will try to continue to visit everyone’s¬†blogs but¬†definitely not the frequency as I used to before. Hope that you all can understand and support me with this¬†decision. ^.^

But anyway, onwards with the monthly recap and favorites post, huh? ūüôā

June Blog Posts*

*in publication order, not by favoritism

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Summing It Up: May 2016

summing it up may 2016

Hi, friends! Last month¬†was so, so lovely. My last final exam was the third of May and I got all my results for the semester by the fifth. After that, my summer holiday officially began. And I’ve literally been such a bum cleaning the house, exercising a little more, hanging out with friends I haven’t seen since the last summer, and¬†eating yummy local food all over the state.

But anyway, come along with me to recap my May adventures with and outside Xingsings!

May Blog Posts*

*in publication order, not by favoritism

*I’ve decided to not cross post all of my reviews from my Goodreads anymore. Just because some of them are more school related and/or probably not as relevant to share on here.

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