The Summer Reader Book Tag

the summer reader book tag

Hello everyone! I haven’t done a tag in ages and, funnily enough, I found The Summer Reader Book Tag waiting patiently (since last summer) in my drafts. So yup, today, Summer (ūüôčūüŹĽ)¬†is going to do a summer (‚ėÄÔłŹ)¬†tag before the season ends.¬†I was tagged by Alex¬†Alextheshadowgirl’s Blog, Ashley¬†Dreamingthroughliterature, and Analee at¬†Book Snacks. Thank you, ladies!

Note:¬†I¬†am¬†an award/tag free blog in that after I finish the last few-okay maybe more than a few-drafts of 2015 tags/awards that I was tagged/nominated in last year, I won’t be doing any more tag/award posts.

And¬†here’s a fun tidbit about summer, the season, and me… I probably have mentioned it before but it’s my least favorite season ironically. It just gets way too hot where I live. I also remember spending most of my summers at the salon hanging out (when I was younger) and working (when I was older) mainly because it¬†is the busiest season in the nail industry (with people in their flip flops and in need of pedicures all the time). Haha, good times! ūüėõ

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The Blog Most Likely To… Tag

The Blog Most Likely To... Tag

Hello, friends! Today I wanted to share a super cool tag that I think all bloggers should participate in, The Blog Most Likely To… Tag!¬†I was tagged by Joey at¬†Thoughts and Afterthoughts. Thanks, Joey! (By the way… you never suggested a blogger superlative to me… but that’s okay!)

Like Joey explained in his post, this challenge was actually inspired by Huntley Fitzpatrick’s release of The Boy Most Likely To¬†back during the summer of 2015. Like Joey, I haven’t read any of Huntley Fitzpatrick’s work despite having heard so many wonderful things. But I do plan to eventually. My Life Next Door being the one that holds the most anticipation; that¬†premise just appeals to me the most out of the rest of¬†Fitzpatrick’s work.

But anyway, before I reveal what my blog superlative is… I just wanted to let you guys know that early¬†2015 I also completed the More Happy and Not Tag, which was created by Shelumiel at Bookish and Awesome. That tag was also inspired by a book release, More Happy Than Not. It’s such a feel good post that I also encourage you guys to do if you haven’t already. (By the way, despite all the promises and “I’ll read it soon”s, I never managed to pick that book up in 2015. Sigh. Will 2016 be the year?)

Note: This is a 2015 tag, meaning I was first tagged in 2015. I’m just trying to go through all the awards and tags from my 2015 queue. But I am an tag/award free blog in that I won’t be doing any more tags/awards after I go through the 2015 drafts. Sorry for the confusion!

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The Book Courtship Tag

Book Courtship Tag

Hi! Tomorrow is Valentine’s day! Any of you doing anything special? If not, be my valentine! ūüėČ I don’t have many plans tomorrow… I may be baking¬†some chocolate chip cookies since I haven’t done that in years. I’m still going strong with the Decembers sweets ban overall… but my dad loves cookies, so yeah, tomorrow’s batch is for him probably, haha.

Anyway, this Saturday (Saturdays have become my tackling the old tag/awards day) I thought it’d be fitting to complete The Book Courtship Tag. I was tagged by my lovely blogger buddy, Erika at Erika at Bookventureland¬†in early October 2015. Thank you!

Note: This is a 2015 tag, meaning I was first tagged in 2015. I’m just trying to go through all the awards and tags from my 2015 queue. But I am an tag/award free blog in that I won’t be doing any more tags/awards after I go through the 2015 drafts. Sorry for the confusion!

Phase 1 ‚Äď Initial Attraction: A book that you bought because of the cover?
This was a total book cover buy because I already own it electronically. But the embossing and typography is so beautiful. And the spine is so gorgeous (it looks¬†like one of those vintage classics you see at old bookstores). ‚̧ Plus, I found this in the bargain section of my local bookstore. It was like $5 for hardcover so I couldn’t resist.

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Secret Life of a Book Blogger Tag

Secret Life of a Book Blogger

Happy Tuesday¬†everyone!¬†I decided to schedule yet another post today (I am away busy taking my fall semester finals when this posts) because I really, really need to catch up with my tags and awards. I mean I have tags since May. That’s like 6+ months ago!

Anyway, this was one of my “May” tags and I’m pretty excited to¬†share this one. Maybe you’ll get to learn a little more about me as a blogger… because this is the Secret Life of Book Blogger Tag! I was tagged by¬†Trey¬†at Trey Schnarr Books,¬†Casey at Inspired by the Page,¬†Raven at Dreamy Addictions, Joey at Thoughts and Afterthoughts, and Kelly at Dancing Through the Pages. Gosh, this post is way belated, but thank you all again for thinking of Xingsings and tagging me!

Okay, this is going to be a text heavy post so let’s move on with the questions!

  1. How long have you been a blogger?
    Well before this one I ran an Exo blog on tumblr that I still use to this day actually. It’s also called Xingsings. So yup I’m the very Xingsings from tumblr! This blog stemmed from the moment¬†I had an idea that¬†I’d like to share my passion for books with other people. So¬†this WP blog Xingsings was born on¬†January 2nd, 2015. There’s actually a funny story to this though… My first blog post (don’t try to look for it; so¬†embarrassing) was actually created in 2014 and was supposed to be scheduled to published on New Year’s Day (I wanted an easy blogiversary date to remember) but being the newbie blogger I was at the time I’m not sure what I pressed but it never¬†scheduled when I checked on January 2nd. So yup, after that¬†incident I never scheduled my posts again… until¬†October 2015, when I decided to try that WP feature again.

  1. At what point do you think you will stop?
    I think most¬†people that have done this tag have said something along the lines of “not anytime soon.” For me… it may be when I start pharmacy school which may or may not be soon depending what the admissions committee thinks of me (for those of you that are new to Xingsings; yup, I applied to professional school this year as a¬†sophomore in my undergraduate studies. It’s a little complicated to explain how I was¬†eligible to apply, maybe I’ll do a¬†separate personal post about it if I happen to get in). Since the rigor and course load is so much different in professional school compared to undergraduate… it’s probably the best idea if I took a break while I’m on that path. I really do love blogging but I’m the type of blogger that likes to interact with the community (not so much on social media but through catching up with other bloggers via blog hopping). And I just can’t do that while being in pharmacy school; sometimes real life has to receive priority. With all this being said, I don’t think I would quit completely though since I really enjoy this hobby too much. Hopefully I would still be able to publish a few posts here and there and¬†still keep in contact with all of you (maybe even get the hang of using Twitter and joining Twitter chats; I really should use that social platform more).

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The Burrito Bowl Book Tag


Hi! So I was tagged by Joey at¬†Thoughts and Afterthoughts¬†and Victoria at¬†Addlepates and Book Nerds¬†to complete the Burrito Bowl Book Tag! This tag was a collaboration between¬†Joey and¬†Cristina at Girl in the Pages. Awesome (and yummy) tag, you guys! And as Joey has said in his original post, this tag “is inspired by¬†Chipotle‚Äôs¬†burrito bowl, long lineups, euphoric food comas, and¬†The Great Carnitas Shortage of 2015.” Oh. Oh.¬†I think I’m finally understanding why Joey likes corn so much.¬†Burrito bowls have a lot of corn, lol.

And I finally went to Chipotle! (I literally was pronouncing that place Cheh-pot-lee for the longest time. facepalm) Well I’m a vegetarian so I’ve learned that I don’t really like burrito bowls. They’re more like interesting¬†bowls of salad and beans for me, haha. I now know there’s a tofu option, but southwestern tofu make me a little hesitant to try¬†it. It can’t be prepared the same way Asian food is, right? I don’t know, maybe I should just try it one day. But¬†enough of my food habits. Let’s devour this tag?

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The Disney Book Tag


Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag, hasn’t it?¬†I think I will start scheduling some award/tag posts in the future. Today (this is scheduled as well actually) I’m back with The Disney Book Tag. Thank you Tiffani at¬†The Book Venom¬†and Joey at Thoughts and Afterthoughts for tagging me! I’m a big fan of Disney so I’m really excited for this one!


1.¬†The Little Mermaid‚ÄĒA character who is out their element, a ‚Äúfish out of water.”
There were so many characters I could have chosen for this (pretty much all the protagonists from the Students Across the Seven Seas series…), but I decided to go with Grace Wilde from¬†Hello, I Love You¬†because she was one of the first that popped into my mind. If you’ve read my review for this, you’d know I wasn’t exactly pleased with the story mainly because of Grace’s ironically ungraceful, “fish out of water” experience in Korea.

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Summertime Madness Tag

The Summertime Madness Tag

Hello! It’s been a while (a couple of days really) since I’ve last updated this blog and I’m sorry to confess that¬†the inactivity is going to get a lot worse because… school starts back this Thursday for me!

Which also means the summer is almost officially over therefore I thought it’d be appropriate for me to¬†post yet another long overdue post, the Summertime Madness Tag. (Yes, I also decided to post this now lest this be¬†done next summer which would have been way¬†way¬†overdue.)¬†I was tagged by¬†Carolyn¬†to participate. She’s a¬†fellow Vietnamese-American blogger¬†on WP and secretly-ish we’ve been doing a buddy read and reading A Darker Shade of Magic. We both finished it yesterday (8/18/15: well I finished it today actually) and it was such a fantastic story. So be on the lookout for some ADSoM posts in the near future (yeah… I know, I promised a Summer Says post this week¬†but yeah, that’ll come soon too, I hope)!

Gosh, I haven’t even started the tag yet and I’ve already used four parenthetical phrases. I’m so done. Alright, let’s get on to this before I add any more…

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Bath & Body Works Book Tag

Bath & Body Works Book Tag

Hiya! I just came back from the beach yesterday and felt like posting¬†a somewhat summer-y post today. I was tagged by the sweet Analee¬†(thank you!) to do the Bath & Body Works Book Tag, a tag Analee actually created herself (I don’t know how I didn’t realize that until I published this).¬†For those of you that don’t know, Bath & Body Works, is a big chain store here in the U.S. (and I think Canada as well) that sells a lot of, well, bath and body products in various scents and fragrances. So yeah, that should explain the random fragrance¬†names before the questions.

Okay, so let’s get to the actual tag! I’ll do my best to just choose one book for each answer (you guys know how I always manage to cheat with these tags)!

Truth_about_Forever_1. Pure Paradise: A book that was simply perfection.
Perfection? Oh gosh, that holds a lot of weight. For me, it’s The¬†Truth About Forever (no surprise). This was the book that got me into reading Sarah Dessen, now one of my favorite authors. And I¬†love everything about it. The characters (all of them), the story line, the comedic relief, the¬†swoon worthy male MC, the overall deeper message, the lyrical writing, and, yeah, I could go on… It still¬†remains my all time favorite ya contemporary novel, I think. Also it’s such a perfect summer read-all of Sarah Dessen books are.

Before-I-Fall-by-Lauren-Oliver2. Sweet Pea: A romance/contemporary novel that you really enjoyed.
Instead of choosing¬†my two favorite contemporary reads from this year (Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda and The Summer of Chasing Mermaids), I want to share¬†a book that I have yet to talk about on Xingsings: Before I Fall.¬†This was my first Lauren Oliver book and I remember reading it when it was first released and absolutely enjoying¬†it.¬†I haven’t read Oliver’s other books for some reason… I’ll fix that one day I’m sure!

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The Harry Potter Tag

Harry Potter Tag

Hi! I was tagged by Shelby @Bookish Royalty, one of my first WP friends when I started Xingsings, to do The Harry Potter Tag. I think Shelby is currently on hiatus and offline, but thank you Shelby! Gosh, this tag was long overdue.

As some of you guys know I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. Consequently, I unconsciously talk about HP in almost all of my posts (I searched “HP” on my blog and 12 posts came up, LOL).¬†So I thought before I get into these questions I’d share with you my HP story and how I got into the series-in case, some of you are new to this blog and don’t know of it.

I’ve never been much of a reader and it was that way for the majority of my childhood. It wasn’t until the summer before 5th grade, when I was eleven and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows¬†was released did I enjoy¬†reading. (My dad’s smart logic was to¬†get me the most hyped book of the¬†summer. It worked though!) But yes, I ended reading the last HP book first. Naturally, I was hooked… and so confused. So I ended buying my paperback box set and breezing through those in two weeks, which was mighty fast for a non-bookworm now that I think about it. Therefore, you can say HP was the magical turning point in my childhood, in regards to reading¬†that is.

Now that I’m older and have reread HP many times, I have found parts to not awe me as easily. However I still believe the HP books are¬†timeless reads that any reader at any age should give go if they haven’t already-or you can just watch the movies, up to you. Speaking of movies, since I joined the fandom later¬†I’m totally guilty of watching the movies prior to reading the books as well…

But yeah. I thought I’d share that because it only seemed appropriate in this post. Plus, this’ll become an easy post to find if I every need to explain how HP changed my life. LOL. So onto the questions!

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The Reader Problems Tag

The Reader Problems Tag-2

Hi! I was tagged by¬†Briana¬†and Joey¬†(thank you both for tagging me!) back in April to do The Reader Problems Tag, and I’ve finally decided to post it! Hopefully you all will learn a little more about me through this post. I’ll try my best not to be so roundabout, haha.

1. You have 20,000 books on your TBR. How in the world do you decide what to read next?
Ahh, my TBR is quickly reaching that number… Just kidding, but no joke my TBR is piling up mighty fast! XD I always decide what to read next with intuition and feeling. So I grab whatever book that comes to mind, whether it be one from the TBR, read/reread, or library shelf. I’m actually a huge rereader; and (this is insane) my goal is to read and review every single book I’ve shelved on GR, including the already read ones.

2. You’re halfway through a book and you’re just not loving it. Do you quit or are you committed?
I would just continue. Even if I don’t like a book, I often finish it. However, skimming is certainly¬†allowed in these circumstances.

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