Review Policy


I’m sorry, I am no longer accepting review requests from authors

Since I am currently NOT accepting ebook and print copies of books for review consideration on a case to case basis from authors. Authors, do NOT send me a request thinking this status (of not accepting requests) is outdated. I will not reply. Please get your publisher to email me if you’re interested in me covering a book of yours.


The following genres interest me:

Young Adult –

  • Fantasy
  • Contemporary

Adult –

  • Medicine
  • Asian literature

I accept books on a case to case basis and review books from other genres occasionally, but I will automatically have to turn down books belonging to the Erotica genre. So, absolutely no Erotica.

Please take note:

  • As most reviewers, I do prefer bound, physical review copies since I’m not much of an ebook reader, but I am aware that they cost money to be printed. With that in mind, physical copies do receive priority in the reviewing queue.
  • I do not read books in a series out of order. So please do not send me sequels to books I have not read unless you are able to send the preceding books.
  • And I’m sorry to say this, but I cannot guarantee that all requests are accepted. Please understand that I have the right to decline your request if your book does not seem like one I’d, personally, enjoy. I write honest reviews on books, whether they were review copies sent to me or purchased with my own money. I don’t want to write a bad review on a book I knew I wouldn’t enjoy.

Please include in your email or contact form:

  • The title and author of the book
  • A synopsis of the book
  • An excerpt from the book (preferably the first chapter)
  • Any other additional information you’d like me to know about the book

If you have read all of the above, feel free to contact me at or use this contact form:


Thank you for considering me as a potential reviewer for your book and contacting me! Expect a response in two days at the latest.

If I have already accepted your request:

  • You shall see it on my pending ARC/review list.
  • I do take into consideration release dates. If I’m sent an ARC, I will try my best to post a review as close to the release date as possible. Unfortunately, since I’m a working student, I cannot give you a precise date in which I will post it. But I will notify you when I do have my honest review up.
  • The review will be on this blog, Goodreads, Amazon, and Books a Million using a numeric scale that can be found on my Rating Guide.

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