Hi there! My name is Summer. Welcome to my blog, Xingsings.

I am a Vietnamese-American student* about to graduate from pharmacy school located in the southern United States. So indeed, I’m actually more of a science nerd but I used to write for fun on this blog even though I wasn’t too good at it.

I’m clearly a total bookworm, Asian drama addict, and music enthusiast. To fangirl with the rest of the world, I began this blog in January 2015. This blog used to be a diary of sorts for me. Here you will find old reviews from various genres, random musings pertaining to my life, and rants about other unhealthy obsessions that I had over the years (such as gushing over fictional characters or K-pop stars). But for the most part, I’d consider Xingsings to be a book blog ergo you’ll mainly see a variety of bookish posts.

Although I have taken an indefinite hiatus from the blogosphere, I’m still a content creator, just now on a different platform. 🙂

As for more details about me… In real life, I’m a quiet, thoughtful person that usually keeps to myself. I am not a big believer of MBTI but I’m an ISTJ if that gives you further confirmation of my shy personality. I’m a strict vegetarian and love all animals (well except for sharks-those beasts are absolutely vicious). And I am a loyal member of many non-bookish fandoms, xingmis and exo-l being the top two.

And that’s about it. I appreciate the visit! I stay pretty active in the internet world and love making new friends. So please feel free to comment or message me. Unless I’m on a blogging hiatus (which shall always be indicated under my “Updates” widget on the right sidebar), I always reply relatively fast.

Oh! You can also be my friend on Goodreads, send me a tweet on Twitter, watch me fail as an amateur photographer on Instagram, and say hello on my Tumblr (my non-bookish, EXO blog).

*2020 update: I’m now a pharmacist! 🙂

263 thoughts on “About

  1. Marsha says:

    Hi Summer, You may have the most popular book blog ever, and that is not your only gig! Congrats!!! I saw your blog listed in the Book Review Directory. I blog and write, and noticed that most reviewers work hard reading and writing reviews, but don’t get much traffic for all that work, including myself. Like Ryan Lanz, I’d like to feature your work on my site. Each week I feature a specific genre. If you have a book review for that genre post the link in the comment section. I will visit it and list all the links the next week and on my link page as well. You don’t have to read another book, but publicize a post you’ve already created. Yeah!!! I read that you review biographies. Here is a link for memoirs. http://wp.me/p7tP3I-eS.There is no catch. I’m retired, love to read and blog for fun. Marsha 🙂

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  2. mbtiloveit says:

    What would you say your favorite genre of books is? I looked through your reviews and noticed most of them were YA but none of them really had a specific genre unto themselves. YA is considered a genre, but it doesn’t contain any subgenres.

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    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      Under my reviews I tend to differentiate if a book is YA or adult just so readers/visitors know what the targeted age group the story is tailored for, so that may be why you saw those distinctions in brackets. However, the actual genres (which are also listed in unbracketed form) that I’m interested in are fantasy and contemporary. I also enjoy literary fiction on occasion.

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      • mbtiloveit says:

        Cool. Yeah, ’cause I was just wondering ’cause I saw LGBT listed as a category and I wondered, hmm, why that was. I thought that if we were truly inclusive we wouldn’t need the category. I’m not arguing with you. It’s just something I noticed.

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        • Summer @ Xingsings says:

          Sigh, the problems with using written (er, typed) communication. XD I probably sounded more terse than I intended. I’m not arguing with you either! Just letting you know that I do include genres in my reviews. And, ah yes, you’re right. LGBTQ+ isn’t a genre of books but on Goodreads I shelve my books if they have marginalized characters/voices, so I guess it became a habit.


          • mbtiloveit says:

            Oh no! You didn’t! I was afraid I sounded terse. (I learned how to read tone from Tumblr so you know how that goes – yeesh). I just thought it was interesting. I wanted to discuss with you. Don’t worry about it.

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  3. jerich (onereader) says:

    Hi Summer! I’m happy that I take my visit to your wonderful blog and I love it because I found too much in common. You love books, kdramas, and MANGAS! Yayyy! But to see your update that you are on a break crushed my heart for now. Anyway, its okay since I know you’ll be back for good and if you do, then be sure to let me know! I love manga and kdramas/asian movies and they acquire majority of my dwindling time so I will be happy to know another fan to talk it with me. I’m new to this blog community and very happy to discover your blog. Gambatte to your real life quest for now!


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