Xingsings is a Year Old + Blogiversary/Birthday Giveaway

Blogiversary 1

Well, gosh, I’ve been on a roll lately, haven’t I? I mean three posts in three consecutive days? 😛 I hope everyone had a blast celebrating the new year yesterday! Honestly I didn’t really do much but read and relax, which is the best type of day in my opinion. Today I thought before I went to work I’d write this post.

I’m going to try to keep this short and sweet so it won’t be too complicated. As you’ve read from the title of this post, this blog hits one year old today!

And January is a pretty special month for me because… it’s my birthday month! That’s right, I was born in the winter despite my name. XD In twenty days (January 22) I’ll be 20 years old!

As you guys know, I sort of splurge year round on books as you can tell from my book hauls…. so this month my goal is not to buy as many books because I’ll be saving that money to host a giveaway for you. To express my appreciation for the support and kindness you all have given to me and my blog, Xingsings. It’s really been a fantastic year, and I am thankful for the friendships that came with creating this blog. And I guess this giveaway is also in part to spread birthday cheer? XD

I’m not sure if I’ll continue doing future giveaways for blogiversaries. Let’s just do one step at a time. But since this is the first one and a special birthday transition, I’ve decided to do it.

Anyway, the details for the giveaway will be down below. Let me know if you have an questions in the comments or by email. My email is

So that’s all! Happy January and good luck!

Xingsings Blogiversary/Birthday Giveaway!

  • 1 winner gets to receive a 30 USD voucher/e-gift card to a bookish place
  • Open to US, Canada, and international residents where Book Depository ships (you may check if they ship to your country here)
  • Ends in roughly three weeks on Friday, January 22, 2016
  • I will be emailing and giving the winner 48 hours to respond to my email before choosing another winner
  • Xingsings will be supplying the e-voucher and gift card, but it will not be responsible for lost or damaged goods. You’ll need to contact the seller if that happens.
  • This giveaway is for my followers and friends, so a lot of the entries will be related to following Xingsings or my social media accounts.
  • Please no cheating. I will be checking each entry throughout the giveaway period, and deleting ones that don’t qualify.
  • Good luck!


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108 thoughts on “Xingsings is a Year Old + Blogiversary/Birthday Giveaway

    • Summer @ Xingsings says:

      Ooh, well I hope that your resolutions are going well for you so far! I love the smile more one! And I am SO BAD at answering texts, but I guess that was pretty evident from this comment alone. So I should have added that to my 2017 goals. XD


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