Happy International Women’s Day + My Most Listened to K-pop Girl Group Songs

I’m always going on and on about K-pop (probably Exo specifically), and I noticed that I rarely talk about girl groups for some reason. So in honor of International Women’s Day I thought I would share the top 20 K-pop girl group songs I’ve listened to the most. I won’t be talking about each track because that would be quite redundant, but I will say that if I had to choose favorites… Taeyeon, F(X), and Spica are the most consistent artists in that I normally like all their releases.

Oh and a brief history of me and K-pop (if you’re curious and/or new to this blog)… I started listening to Korean pop music when I was in high school (about late 2011). And I believe the biggest reason why I haven’t outgrown the musical genre and still listen to it to this day is because of the great stage presence these idols have. They train at a young age and for many years before they can debut. (Actually the K-pop industry like many music industries anywhere around the world are pretty cutthroat and unstable.) During that time, they learn a variety of skills including singing, dancing, variety sense and humor, languages, etc. Their live performances are always so phenomenal due to the thorough lessons they had as trainees. And for that reason, I have huge respect for these idols and truly think they’re are on a whole other level compared to other international artists. Haha, so that’s my short spiel.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the list. They’re in the order from most listened to least listened to. But even the least listened to… have been listened to many times seeing as this is only 20 songs out of thousands I have on my iTunes. (Yes, my music listening is no joke.) Lastly, keep in mind some of these releases are pretty old because, well, I did begin listening to this genre of music 5+ years ago. XD

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The Death of Sojin Ahn and the Industry of Korean Pop Idols


A photo of Sojin Ahn during Baby Kara. Source.

Update 8/13/15: When I originally published this post I didn’t think that many readers would read this since I was a newbie blogger and had like what? 5 followers? It’s unbelievable that I’ve been blogging for over half a year now and that this is my most viewed post to date. So I just wanted to thank you guys that have read and shared this post. As I said, this is one of my earlier posts on this blog so I apologize for the lack of balance of professionalism and bias, which I now constantly strive to display in my later blog posts. And for K-pop fans, I initially wrote this thinking my reading audience would be new to K-pop, so there’s a good bit of an introduction. I will often refer to “Gangnam Style” and other K-pop cliches. 

Lately, I’ve been hearing two debates. Is the dress blue and black, or white and gold? And the controversy within the Korean pop music industry. It’s likely you’ve seen the dress, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t caught onto the K-pop situation. Recently, Sojin Ahn, a K-pop trainee, was found dead due to jumping off the 10th floor of her apartment building with thoughts of suicide.  Continue reading