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To make it easier for you guys to navigate on here at Xingsings, I decided to make this index that includes all the links to my published posts. This does include book reviews I post on Goodreads. Those book reviews will be indicated with an asterisk (*).

All posts (except for book reviews and continuous features) should be in alphabetical order according to the title of the post. What are continuous features? Those are posts where I do time and time again, either weekly, monthly, or occasionally. To find such posts figure out what category it falls under. For bookish memes, those will all be under the first letter of whatever that bookish meme is called. For example, all Top Ten Tuesday posts will be under “Top Ten Tuesday”, which is found under letter “T”. To find my discussion posts look for “S” because the discussion series is called “Summer Says.” For hauls, try “B” for “book haul.” I hope you get the gist.


★ Book reviews are by the author’s last name.
★ All book titles are bolded, and to look up book titles I’d suggest using the CTRL+F (for PCs) or Command+F (for Macs) trick.
★ Also, you can hover over each book link to see how many stars I rated it according to this Rating Guide.

Do keep in mind that I do rerate books since my taste changes over time. I do reflect these changes on my blog even after I have published the review. You can also certainly see the changes on Goodreads as well. Also, I don’t cross-post all of my reviews from Goodreads onto here. There will actually be more reviews on that account, which you can check out here.

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