Book Haul: March – June 2017 (And Some of July)

Oh my goodness, it’s been ages since I’ve posted a book haul. Therefore today I’ll be showing the bookish loot I’ve gotten over the previous few months. Indeed, I did attempt the falling books concept again because (surprisingly) it was such a big hit the last time I tried it.

Another thing to note is the amount of books I bought in a span of months! Knowing how ridiculous I can get… Gosh, what a feat! In addition, I didn’t purchase a single bookmark during this period, which is also not the norm. (Well one bookmark set did come in a subscription box which I did order… but that doesn’t count in my opinion!)

And that’s pretty much all I have to say in the preface. So, without further ado, the photos. 😉


When I originally started this series a few months ago I had no idea that ACoWaR would be the last book in the series and that the next remaining installments were set to be spin-offs set in the same world but in the perspectives of the supporting characters. I am so relieved to learn of this news because I didn’t think the plot could drag on any more than one additional sequel. As you can imagine after liking ACoMaF so much, I preordered this title. But I haven’t started book three just yet mainly because I want to write my reviews for the first two books first before I begin that one.

I got this for two reasons: it received so many glowing reviews from reviewers I trust and I have a lot of South Asian friends. I wouldn’t mind buddy reading this with someone so if you want to be my partner let me know!

I read an eARC of this one but I had to place my preorder anyway. Because, I mean, it’s Sarah Dessen. I couldn’t break tradition and not buy it.

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Book Haul: January + February 2017


January was my birthday month so it should not be a total surprise that this haul is on the lengthier side. Though, it really doesn’t feel like I bought a ridiculous amount since many of these items weren’t ones I spent money on; they were gifts. However, I did purchase some bookish merch (specifically wooden bookmarks and literary candles). And I have to say I’m not exactly on board with becoming a full fledged collector of either of those (yet), but I did like the stuff I ordered. I’m getting use out of the woodmarks because they’re, surprisingly, thin (so they don’t make books bully-which is good) and sturdy. Also, they effuse the nicest woodsy scent that is not overpowering. As for the bookish candles, I plan to make a separate review post about the scents I got and how they burn each; I’ll share my honest thoughts then. I’m just waiting a few more orders from different candle shops to arrive before I begin that project, haha.)

Also, lately, I’ve been into electronic books. (That’s why you haven’t seen me hauling that many physical ARCs; I just haven’t requested any.) As you can deduce, the biggest reason behind this transition is due to lack of self space. Another part of me has also recognized that I’ve become quite a critic; I haven’t enjoyed YA the same way as I did when I first began blogging. So I’ve started to prefer collecting most books electronically and saving my physical shelves for books I really love. (To be honest, I’m quite happy with myself for choosing to implement this new change. Now, let’s just see how successful I’ll be, lol.)

Lastly, have you guys noticed something different…? I mentioned this in my January Summing It Up post, but I upped my Instagram game since my last haul post. Personally, I’m really pleased with how my photos have been turning out. And I hope that you guys will think the same. 🙂

Physical Books

Windfall (ARC)

Windfall (ARC)

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Book Haul: November + December 2016


In two months I bought less than 10 books, which is an anomaly for me. (Well, actually, I purchased more than ten if you count the ones I got for others as presents, but let me have my small victory anyway.) Unfortunately though, I can’t say my restraint was nearly as successful with magnetic bookmarks. After four months of not ordering a single one, I caved and indulged in several sets. XD (Clearly, Christmas shopping is too dangerous of a task for me. LOL.) But, overall, I’d say I (and my wallet) was pretty happy with the results despite the bookmarks splurge. Plus, a few of these featured titles were gifts or review copies that I received.

This is also rare, but since buying these I’ve read a couple. Normally, I buy books and let them chill, collecting dust, on my shelves for years. So I’ll link my book reviews if available. And, of course, all other links will lead to Goodreads. By now, most of you are already aware that I get all my magnetic bookmarks from Happy Hello Art on Etsy, so head over to them if you’re interested in obtaining some. I did order several custom made ones this time; Vivi and her team are simply the best.

Anyhow, I hope that you all like the photos! I tried a new flatlay using a glittery stars wire thing; I have no idea what it’s called actually, haha.


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Book Haul: August + September + October 2016


Hi! It’s been a minute since I’ve last shared a book haul, and I can proudly admit that’s because I haven’t been buying that many books (well at least not all at once like how I used to splurge). AND I didn’t get a single magnetic bookmark these past three months. pat on the back

In this post, you’ll notice that I’ve been striving to purchase more adult books since I noticed that the majority of my bookcase houses YA literature, which isn’t a bad thing at all. However, I do want to branch out and give non-YA books a chance, too. Also, I’ve been keen on filling in the gaps in my manga series. Though, unfortunately, the dreaded “related suggestions” with online shopping has had me started buying new series as well, which kind of defeats the purpose of buying the volumes to complete the old ones I’ve been collecting. Lol, the struggle is real. Anyway, so there will be a number of (new and old) manga titles featured in this post!

But even with that being said, knowing me I still bought some YA books because they were probably on sale and too good of deals to pass up on. (Except Crooked Kingdoms-I had to snag a copy regardless if it was a bargain or not for obvious reasons.) Many of the YA titles were unsolicited physical ARCs from various publishers though, and I did request the last several eARCs myself. (Thank you to all the publishers for these review copies!)

And that’s pretty much it. I’m going to cut the typing here and keep it short this time. Like always, all links go to Goodreads (and Myanimelist if it’s a manga). Hope you all enjoy the photos! 🙂

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Book Haul: July 2016

July 2016 Book Haul

July was a good month in terms of book buying for me! I’m sure the pictures will make it appear like I bought more than I really did because I tend to pair my bookmarks with their corresponding books when I do “book photoshoots” (I’m finally catching on with the Bookstagram jargon, hehe), but I actually only bought 9 books which is less than what I normally splurge on. And all of them were (of course) on sale or sold at a bargain price for ridiculously cheap.

Of the ones I bought, I’ve read Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, which I enjoyed immensely last yearL-DK, and Kamisama Kiss. As for the rest, I’m pretty shocked that I ended up taking them home. I primarily gravitate towards YA literature, but I guess I was in need of stocking up my adult literary fiction and nonfiction TBR piles since they’re severely lacking, haha.

And, no surprise, I did go crazy with bookmarks. shrugs I can’t help but want to collect all the reading buddies Happy Hello Art creates. 😉

So that’s all that I really wanted to say about July’s purchases. Summer, you deserve a pat on the back for being pithier than usual. I’ve noticed how a lot of my posts have been crazy long lately. I promise it’s not intentional or anything. I’m going to make an effort to be more concise in the future!

As always, all the links will go to Goodreads and/or Myanimelist if it’s manga. And, as stated implicitly earlier, I purchase all of my bookmarks from Happy Hello Art on Etsy.

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Book Haul: June 2016

book haul_ june 2016

Hello, everyone! This summer I’ve been on a roll with releasing monthly book haul posts, haven’t I? I’m proud of myself. However, I can’t say the same for my book buying habits… As you guys all know, I’ve already given up on book buying bans. I clearly have no willpower when it comes to bargain books and magnetic bookmarks. 😔

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Book Haul: May 2016

May 2016 Book Haul

Hello! Today I’m back with yet another book haul post. I know, I know. My book haul last month did say it included May but honestly I only mentioned that because some things arrived in early May when really they were all older purchases from previous months. Therefore, this post is technically the real deal! I bought eleven books last month and two sets of bookmarks. I also requested two review copies from Netgalley.

Click pictures* to enlarge for a closer look. All bookmarks are created and sold by Happy Hello Art on Etsy. And links will take you to Goodreads.

*Disclaimer: Don’t worry, no books were thrown, dropped, or hurt for these photos. (I just wanted to try the “floating” concept.)

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Book Haul: January – May 2016


Oh gosh, this is going to be a MONSTER book haul. I kept putting off making this post because I was dreading having to face how many books (and bookmarks) I actually accumulated in less than half a year. But it’s finally here! And I’m sort of excited to show you guys what I’ve hauled in the past few months. But I’m going to warn you all now that this is going to be a massive haul and hence very long post. I’ll try to refrain from writing too much. 😛

(All of the books will have links to Goodreads. The bookmarks will not have links because they tend to get sold out and restocked at a frequent rate (therefore the links change too much). But they are all created and sold by Happy Hello Art on Etsy. I’ll make sure to have what they’re called on the site they’re sold in parentheses under the photo. So if they’re still in stock on the site you should be able to purchase them if you’re interested. And feel free to click the photos to enlarge and get a better look! 😀 )

Here goes!

Book Outlet

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Book Haul: December 2015

December Book Haul

Happy January, everyone! It’s time to cover my purchases for the month of December. Overall, I thought I did a really good job with not buying as many books. It was all because I mainly remained as a couch potato throughout that month with all that Asian drama, movie, and anime watching. However, I did see the sunlight and go out on a few bookstore trips. But you’ll notice that most of this haul is comprised of ebooks (I went a little crazy with downloading them) or gifts.

You’re probably thinking, “A little my butt,” right? I can explain… they still had the buy two get one free manga sale from black Friday when I visited the bookstore. Since manga is usually never on sale-and pretty expensive-where I live, this was one of those rare opportunities in which I could fill in the gaps of some of my manga collections (Sailor Moon (I completed this one), Vampire Knight, Kamisama Hajimemashita, and now, Skip Beat). What was the point of “filling in the gaps” when I’d start a new series to collect anyway, huh? Well, I thought the Skip Beat volumes were a real steal since each volume was a 3-in-1 bind up. Oh and did you notice A Little Life? “Wait, Summer, you’ve been reading this and don’t you own it?” I did. I really wanted to gift my friend this too though. And basically I was behind on my gift shopping and forgot to order it in time for Christmas… I ended up giving her my copy for Christmas and reordered a copy for myself later in the month.

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Book Haul: November 2015

November Book Haul
Ahh, well it looks like yet another month of 2015 has past. November really felt like it flew by for me since I didn’t do much reading or blogging. I think I ended up finishing only one book, The Anatomical Shape of the Heart (review here), which is disappointing. However, I did buy a lot of books! #foreverbuyingbooksfasterthanIcanreadthem

As I’ve told you guys before I rarely buy books at full price but I guess since it’s Christmas season I went ahead and splurged on a lot of new books this month. Most of my buys were in preparation for Yallfest signings (if you haven’t already you can read my post with a recap of that event here). And, of course, while I was in Charleston I went ahead and purchased a few to help support the Blue Bicycles Books independent bookstore. All the books there were signed so that was another nice bonus.

I’m also quite satisfied that I was able to buy six manga volumes to help fill in the gaps of my collections. There was a buy 2 get 1 free Black Friday deal and I couldn’t pass up since new manga are rarely on sale over here. Overall, I was pretty proud of myself on Black Friday weekend though. Other than those manga I bought, I only purchased a few things at Loft since the entire store was 50% in store including the sale section and finished up buying Christmas presents.

Alright, so that pretty much explains what my November purchase history was like. Now we can get to the pictures, my favorite part!

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