Book Haul: December 2015

December Book Haul

Happy January, everyone! It’s time to cover my purchases for the month of December. Overall, I thought I did a really good job with not buying as many books. It was all because I mainly remained as a couch potato throughout that month with all that Asian drama, movie, and anime watching. However, I did see the sunlight and go out on a few bookstore trips. But you’ll notice that most of this haul is comprised of ebooks (I went a little crazy with downloading them) or gifts.

You’re probably thinking, “A little my butt,” right? I can explain… they still had the buy two get one free manga sale from black Friday when I visited the bookstore. Since manga is usually never on sale-and pretty expensive-where I live, this was one of those rare opportunities in which I could fill in the gaps of some of my manga collections (Sailor Moon (I completed this one), Vampire Knight, Kamisama Hajimemashita, and now, Skip Beat). What was the point of “filling in the gaps” when I’d start a new series to collect anyway, huh? Well, I thought the Skip Beat volumes were a real steal since each volume was a 3-in-1 bind up. Oh and did you notice A Little Life? “Wait, Summer, you’ve been reading this and don’t you own it?” I did. I really wanted to gift my friend this too though. And basically I was behind on my gift shopping and forgot to order it in time for Christmas… I ended up giving her my copy for Christmas and reordered a copy for myself later in the month.

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