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If you guys saw my Instagram story from last week, you might have noticed that I decided to reorganize my books once again. (At first, it sounded like a good idea due to my “new year, new changes” mentality, but then I soon realized how insane I was when a sea of books started to emerge as I began pulling books off the shelves.) Anyway, I thought I’d share these changes since it was quite a drastic transformation this time.

It’s been over a year that I’ve had my books arranged as a quasi rainbow shelf. Though it looked glorious for bookstagram pictures, I couldn’t stand that I had my series separated and it was impractical when I had to search for a title. Keeping that set up was also becoming tedious because I started to accumulate more manga series, which I couldn’t bear splitting up and having them together made the overall look of the scheme pretty wonky. I also now have so many books that I need to double stack shelves in order to conserve shelf space, which doesn’t look as great with the color coordinated trend either.

Therefore me and my dad had a talk and agreed that we were going to move his DVDs (which were at the time occupying the two side shelves that you guys seldom see in my photos) into an empty room we have upstairs. (In exchange for the extra space, the compromise is that he gets unlimited library access to all my books whenever he wants. It’s sort of always been an unbreakable rule that no one-no matter how long or strong of a tie/relationship you have with me-borrows my books. But considering how much shelf space he sacrificed for me, I think the trade is fair. XD) So, basically, now I have a total of five columns of shelves just for books, which is amazing!

With so much room to work with, I didn’t really know how I wanted my books… I just knew I wanted my series reunited once again. Anyhow, I ended up settling with how I had my books set up prior to my rainbow experiment, which was by genre.

So here’s the final look! I admit that it isn’t half as pretty compared to what I had before, but the logical person in me approves and loves this so much more than the former. Also, there’s still a small color coordinated section with my contemporary standalones. If I ever feel like I miss the previous arrangement, I at least have that last remnant of the epic rainbow shelf to stare at. Haha.


I’m really satisfied with the results! Here are more pictures if you are curious or want a closer look. (I’ve never attempted using WordPress’ slideshow feature before… I hope it works well! I guess we will see when the post goes live.) Or feel free to just look at this convoluted diagram too (via clicking on this link) if you want an idea on exactly how I organized everything by genres and subgenres.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alright, so how do you guys organize your books? And what color are your shelves? (I don’t know why I’m curious about the shelf color but I am??) I’d truly love to know!

As always, thanks so much for tuning in and taking a look! Have a nice day. 🙂


17 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour

  1. Lois says:

    Bookshelf goals!!! That is an impressive space and I’m even more impressed at the unlimited library access you’ve given your dad haha. I can finally say I now have a pine bookshelf, up until this month I relied on whatever space I could find aka empty drawers. When it came to organising the books I went with the organised mess route. All my series had to be together – I can’t bare the thought of separating them – but I’ve also tried to add in some colour co-ordination. I’m quite happy with the results so far and I have 2 shelves left to fill which is an accomplishment in itself haha


  2. Briana says:

    This looks awesome! I’m always slightly jealous of prettily organized shelves, but I go for function over form. Books are divided into adult, young adult, middle grade, classics, and nonfiction, and then organized by author. (Or by subject on the nonfiction shelf.) I’d go out of my mind trying to make a rainbow shelf, plus a lot of my books are just black anyway.


  3. Aldii says:

    My shelfves are brown and I have them organized by how much I like them, favourites at the top, below some really good ones, liked them, not so much or just books I have to read.
    I really like how your books look! I can’t stand having my series divided so I’m not sure I’ll ever have a rainbow shelf


  4. Morgan | Backlist Babe says:

    Your bookshelves are so gorgeous. Serious #shelfiegoals right there. Currently, my books aren’t organized in the slightest (except for maybe by favoritism? and the series/same-author-books are together). My books are pretty much just thrown any/everywhere they fit because I have way more books than shelf space right now. As for color, my actual shelves are black… my pseudo-shelves are white (because I lack foresight, apparently). Basically, I’m a hot mess and will probably never take a comprehensive bookshelf pic because I don’t need the whole world to know my shame.


  5. cw @ readthinkponder says:

    whale noises your shelf is so beautiful and, seriously, my bookshelf goal. ❤
    I organize my bookshelf according to how much I like it. There’s one shelf that has ALL my faves cramped into one, then another shelf that has like, ‘this is good! I can recommend these to people!’, and then in the shelves that aren’t eye-level, I put in books that were ‘just okay’!


  6. honya says:

    Lovely! I’m an organization freak, so my shelves are organized first by author then by title/series. Except my manga, which has its own set of shelves organized alphabetically by title. 🙂


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