Book Haul: January – May 2016


Oh gosh, this is going to be a MONSTER book haul. I kept putting¬†off making this post because I was dreading having to face how many books (and bookmarks) I actually accumulated in less than half a year. But it’s finally here! And I’m sort of excited to show you guys what I’ve hauled in the past few months. But I’m going to warn you all now that this is going to be a massive haul and hence very long post. I’ll try to refrain from writing too much. ūüėõ

(All of the books will have links to Goodreads. The bookmarks will not have links¬†because¬†they tend to get¬†sold out and restocked at a frequent rate (therefore the links change too much). But they are all created and sold by Happy Hello Art on Etsy. I’ll make sure to have what they’re called on the site they’re sold in parentheses under the photo. So if they’re still in stock on the site you should be able to¬†purchase¬†them if you’re interested. And feel free to click the photos to enlarge and get a better look! ūüėÄ )

Here goes!

Book Outlet

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