Summer Says: The Things That Make (Book) Blogging So Worthwhile

Don't Deny It-3

If you haven’t already read Liam’s heartfelt discussion post from the other day, I suggest you go take a look (I’ll link it here). In his post, he discusses the struggle that most bloggers have in common: finding the balance between blogging and juggling real life.

Naturally, I left a Summer bomb on his post but afterwards I was still feeling really inspired. So I decided to create a draft, which essentially became the post I’m sharing today: “The Things That Makes (Book) Blogging So Worthwhile”

I don’t think any of us can deny that blogging takes time, effort, and energy. Your blog is what you want it to be. With that being said, it can be stressful. There have certainly been times in the past where I’ve felt overwhelmed and pressured with releasing content for Xingsings. (You guys may even recognize these moments of weakness with posts like my Semihiatus From Ten Tuesday, first Summer Says discussion, and Hate Comments posts.) I do get bogged down; and I have definitely experienced those anxieties and insecurities. Anyway, my point is that I created this post to share a few reasons why I never stopped blogging even when it was tough. In my opinion, there are so many rewarding aspects that are attached to blogging.

I hope you guys can find it somewhat relatable!

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