Bookcase/Bookshelves Post?

Hi! So lately I’ve been inspired to share my bookcase/bookshelves thanks to other book bloggers that have been encouraging me to do so (and because of Shelby’s post). Another incentive for me to post this is because of Addlepates and Book Nerds‘s weekly meme that allows book bloggers to “explore their bookshelves” and share their findings with the blogosphere. Honestly with school and the PCAT creeping up in July, I probably will make this a monthly feature instead. So I’ll do all of the 4 challenges in that month in 1 post at the end of each month. But since this is only the third week of March, I’m just going to share my bookcase in this post.

So with no further ado, this is my main bookcase that holds most of my novels (and the two sides holds movies)! They’re kind of sorted into series and genres.


And I actually have a couple more shelves that aren’t so interesting.


These are mostly random school books, I actually have more scattered in the rest of my room). Did you notice how I blurred out the name of the schools I attended? Haha, have to keep some anonymity. Oh and in the bottom right corner is some of my K-pop stuff and Hermione’s wand. Source: Summer @ xingsings

Random old and outdated encyclopedias. Source: Summer @ xingsings

Random old and outdated encyclopedias. Oh and something else is there too, can you see me? 😛 Source: Summer @ xingsings

This one that holds a lot of my piano sheet music. And this other one that has reference books. Source: Summer @ xingsings

This one  holds a lot of my piano sheet music. There may be some guitar and drums books too. I guess I like learning about music in general. And I spy with my little eye a synthetic jade frog with creepy red eyes. Oh my gosh, I’ve made an appearance in this photo too. Source: Summer @ xingsings


Alright, last one! There’s a ton of reference books, picture books, children’s fiction, and a couple of Guinness World Records books (I was a weird kid). Source: Summer @ xingsings

As you can tell, I’m kind of crazy when it comes to buying books to complete a series. Obviously there are still some that are incomplete, but hopefully I’ll buy the rest someday. So out of curiosity, are you guys as obsessed as buying books as I am? Or are you more of a library-goer? Or neither because you prefer ebooks? Anyway, happy Friday everyone! 🙂

44 thoughts on “Bookcase/Bookshelves Post?

  1. booklove15 says:

    I LOVE your white book shelves, they’re so pretty! And I’ve always been a library-goer, but lately I’ve been buying a lot of books. I think it’s because my school and public libraries don’t have a lot of the books I’ve wanted to read recently so I’ve just resolved to go out and buy them. This has not been easy on my wallet! Great post, Summer! 🙂

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    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      Thanks, Shelby! It will never be easy on our wallets I’m afraid, good thing I’m not a shopaholic when it comes to other things (well except for food, I’m a total foodie and will try anything). Honestly, I used to be an avid library-goer, but I’m too lazy to leave my house to get my books once I’ve placed holds on them (why does this not stop me from going to the book store? idk).


  2. Lifewithcassandra says:

    Hermione’s wand!!!! It all looks so amazing and I’m trying to quash the green eyed monster right now . I do not have enough space for this , hopefully in the near future I get to Have enough space for so much well arranged books..Okay I’m really jealous Summer😄.


  3. Nicola says:

    Oh my god, Eeeennvyyyy. I have two small bookcases in my flat because there’s very little wall space to put them against; most of my books are in (neat and organised) piles on the floor or on the mantel. Floor-to-ceiling shelves like your big white bookcase are my dream.

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    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      For the longest time, I mainly stacked my books on top of one another, creating a wall of books, but then that became too ridiculous. So I’m glad I finally was able to get this bookcase made. The only downside to building this is having the urge to always buy books to add it to your shelves! 😛


  4. Justin says:

    Oh my, those shelves… I like how the layers are sort of staggered. I used to go to the library so much for books and CDs, but when you’re abroad and the library doesn’t really have what you want, I’m so much more into buying books. Oops.

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  5. Joey @ thoughts and afterthoughts says:

    omg. I just totally imagined those shelves having sliding hinges at the bottom of the thing where your wall extends infinitely and you push the shelving back into the wall and can collapse the two other sides (as shown in the image) into one wall panel back to back to back. (I hope that made sense…)

    Tangents, I know, but otherwise this is a massive shelf!


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  6. booksandblah says:

    Wow your bookshelves are massive! And everything looks so pretty all organized. 🙂 mine is such a mess I can’t even look at it. 😛
    I’m more of a library-goer because you have so many books to choose from in the library and my local librarian is really nice. Also I have no space left in my bookshelf for anything. Not that that’s stopped me from going on big book buying sprees before 😉

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    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      I used to go to the library so often! Is it bad that I’m lazy to go the library now? You have to go choose the books, check them out, then return them. Why doesn’t this stop me from shopping at book stores, I’ll never know. 😛


  7. Kimberly @ Come Hither Books says:

    I like how yours are organized, by topic and with some sideways. Practical, and pretty to browse.

    Mine are all in storage, as we’re getting the floors redone (eventually) but I love the idea of this post. I’ll have to do a post to celebrate, if my library ever goes back to the way it’s supposed to be again.

    Love the pics!

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  8. what about that book ! says:

    OMG YOUR BOOKSHELF IS SO COOL!! 😀 Well, coming from someone who does NOT have a bookshelf. Trust me, every time someone asks if they can see my books, I just wave my kindle in front of them, which makes them give a look which says,”OK…….”. But I am proud with the number of books I have on my kindle because, let’s just say there is quite a number. But I seriously hope that one day I FINALLY get a bookshelf!! Still swooning at yours…. 😀

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    • sumlynnnguyen says:

      I have to confess, I own less than 10 books on my Kindle. I have a hard time reading electronically… But ebooks are really more convenient (I mean you press one button and, voila, a book appears on your shelf)! ^.^


  9. Angelized1st says:

    Love your bookshelves! I had to move most of my books into the garage, because I turned my shelves into a video library. My garage is full of shelves, but my books are boxed. I just recently started putting shelves in my bedroom, but they’re nowhere near as nice as yours. Love it!

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