Exploring My Bookshelves: April

I can’t believe it’s already the last Friday of April and my last day of spring semester classes. Lately my life’s been hectic with studying for finals, so I almost totally forgot to participate in Exploring My Bookshelves, a weekly meme by Addlepates and Book Nerds (but because of school I’ve adapted it as a monthly meme where I post on the last Friday of each month)! It’s super late in the day where I live, but I hope you guys enjoy! ^.^

So it’s recommended to include a picture of your bookshelf, so here is mine as of how it currently looks. (It’s so different from last month, huh? Forever rearranging the shelves… I’ll never be satisfied.)



6. April 3, 2015: Your Favorite Author


This is a tough one, but I just fell in love with the shadowhunter world since the first time I read City of Bones. So I’d have to pick Cassandra Clare. She’s definitely an author in which I’ve invested a lot of money in. I usually buy her books once they’re available for pre-order (well accept for The Bane Chronicles, I don’t own that just yet). I know TMI isn’t for everyone, but I loved Clare’s storytelling since reading it.
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