Versatile Blogger Award!

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Hi everyone! I’m sorry for being absent these days, but I promise to get back into the routine of posting. Lately, I’ve fallen into a newly discovered abyss called Netflix ever since the Spring semester has ended. I literally finished four seasons of Nikita and caught up to some other shows I’ve neglected since college started including SherlockBig Bang Theory, and Modern Family. So I have read nothing in the past week, but I will post a book review hopefully sometime soon! Hang in there with me!

So since I haven’t been reading, I thought I’d catch up on some overdue tags and awards I’ve had in the queue, one of them being the Versatile Blogger Award! I don’t even feel like I deserve this since my blog isn’t that versatile in terms of content, but thanks all the same to these brilliant bloggers: Alysyn, Maria, Shintobhisha, Erika, JoyceBea, Evy, and Trey.


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