Summing It Up: August – December 2018

Hi there! It’s been a while since I’ve last done one of these recaps but I wanted to at least fit one last one before the year ended. XD

The academic semester has wrapped up (thank goodness!). I’ve been out of school for the past two weeks and I’ve spent most of my time of working and spending time with friends. The semester ended with a lot of stress from completing my final fall OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination-essentially a mock MTM (Medication Therapy Management) session where the student reviews a patient case for 10 minutes then goes over the patient’s medications and disease states and make pharmacotherapy recommendations/changes with that pretend patient) to my other 6 final exams. I also had a bunch of presentations (which I fretted over a lot, knowing me).

But! I really believe that my communication skills have improved and my stage fright has lessened substantially with weekly journal clubs and all this semester. I’m also more familiar/comfortable with reading medical literature and interpreting stats than I was before (e.g. when I was one my IPPE rotation this summer-honestly, thinking about how my presentation went down for that is still humiliating and makes me full of regret). Advanced drug information isn’t fun but it’s definitely made me feel a little more prepared for what’s to come next year with P4 rotations.

Speaking of those, I submitted my preferences for my rotations next year earlier this month. And I already know I got an international rotation! November of next year, I’ll be in Melbourne, Australia. I’ve never traveled outside of the States so I’m nervous but ultimately pumped, too. The other rotations that I’m interested in are infectious diseases, pediatrics (particularly NICU), and nuclear pharmacy. Of course, (as expected) I asked for a lot of ambulatory care rotations and few community/retail ones but I also put in a few weird ones like mail order and drug information for my electives since they seem different and odd.

Aside from school, there’s not much else I want to share. I’m still working my two jobs and enjoying my free time when I have it. 🙂

– What I’ve Been Reading –

If you didn’t gather by now… I’ve been a deep reading slump since the year has started.

Probably one of the best books that I read this year was Uprooted, a fantasy standalone. It totally gave me Howl’s Moving Castle (my favorite Ghibli film) vibes. I also loved the characters and the fairytale like prose. It was a pleasant surprise and I wish I had read it sooner than I did. I gave it 4/5 stars.

I also finally picked up The Star-Touched Queen, which had been on my TBR list for forever. I had tried starting this book several times before, and I have to admit with this nth time trying to read it… I found it a struggle to immerse myself into the story. But I, ultimately, enjoyed it by the end after all the twists and turns that were revealed. 3/5 stars.

I was reading Vicious but, ultimately, I wasn’t enjoying myself that much as I was reading it so unfortunately I’ve put that one on an indefinite hold. I think it’s slower paced than I anticipated and I really need to be in the mood to read for those kind of books and I just wasn’t at the time. Plus, I had no clue the main story would be about two guys challenging themselves to near death experiences in order to reach superhuman strength, and I typically dislike most things vaguely related to superhuman/superhero type of stuff. (Don’t hunt me down.) I’m not going to put it in the DNF pile; I hope to maybe reach for it again another time.

I began To All the Boys I Loved Before after the immense hype it’s gotten when the Netflix film released this summer. From the 1/3 I read, it’s super cute and definitely a sweet and comical contemporary worth reading in the summer. Realistic fiction just isn’t my cup of tea so I sort of fell out of wanting to read that title, too. (I know, I’ve just been in a MAJOR reading slump.)

As I mentioned on my Instagram and my last posts, these recent months (or entire year, really) I’ve been more into manga. Consequently, I’ve started a ton of series. I’ve been rereading one my favorites, Tsubaki-chou Lonely Planet and Daytime Shooting Star. Actually, the latter is going to be serialized in America starting the summer of 2019. It’s an understatement to say that I’m pumped.

I also started several ongoing series including Queen’s Quality, Living with Matsunaga-san, You Got Me, Sempai, Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight, Perfect World, Let’s Play (webtoon), I Love Yoo (webtoon), The Jinx’s Lover (webtoon), Waiting for Spring, and most recently They Say I was Born a King’s Daughter (webtoon). I would say that all of these are enjoyable-some more guilty pleasures than others. Although if I had to choose one to spotlight it would be I Love Yoo for its unique characters, addicting storyline, and swoonworthy romance. I’m not as familiar with the webtoon verse having only read about a handful (<10)… but I would say this is the best one I’ve read so far!

– Blog Posts – 

– Favorites –

This year Amy and I visited Yallfest again on November 10th. We had a great time! This was our 4th year attending and it was the first time that we were able to leave midday for our drive home. Typically, we never make it back home until midnight but we were crazy efficient with our schedule and so we were back by 5 pm (in time to beat the work traffic!). I suppose none of the panels really interested us this year, and since we had been several times before we had already met our “priority,” favorite authors. Instead we focused our efforts in getting our books signed and obtaining ARCs we wanted to read.

The authors I met this year were Roshani Chokshi, Mary H.K. Choi, and Natasha Ngan. They were all lovely but I felt like my conversation with Ngan was most meaningful. (Although, she was the only author where I had not read her book. I hope to read Girls of Paper and Fire ASAP, however.)

Due to being super into NCT lately, I started using my Twitter more for K-pop group orders (GOs). And I’ve bought a lot of merch since discovering these. (It’s like a horrible abyss you don’t want to fall into tbh.) One of my favorite orders were these Jaemin slogans by Fairy Dust, my favorite Jaemin fan photographer. They’re so adorable! T_T

It’s an update really since I’ve shared before that I really love how my wall currently looks… but in addition to some of the old stuff, I’ve added more prints by my favorite artists and my enamel pin banners.

– Favorite Videos –

I’m typically not that into fancams but I was utterly obsessed with this one (and still am!). If you’ve been following me on my Instagram, you know that I joined the NCT fandom after “We Go Up” AND I was bias wrecked so hard by Jaemin during this era. Anyway, Jaemin’s my favorite now! He’s such a sweet, precious bean. T_T

Oh my gosh, this song just puts me in all my feels. I adore this song so much and I ended up buying all three versions of this album because I love it that much. If you’ve been following me for a long time you know that Taemin is my favorite Korean male soloist so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. T_T

It would be so unlike me if I didn’t include at least one Exo song in here so here’s “Love Shot,” which totally killed me when I first watched it. (I’m may still be bummed that Yixing wasn’t a part of this comeback though CRIES.) Although “Tempo” is more musically interesting, this one still wins between the two for me.

I’m still upset that the official music video is down just because the director made a mistake (re: using Jonghyun’s photos). It’s such a beautiful MV and I love the lyrics of this song so much.

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I highkey prefer this over “Regular.” I think it’s the futuristic and weird synths but I find it addicting. My only complaint is the line distribution (no surprise) and Winwin not being included for promotions and in the full group dance scenes in the MV.

I honestly don’t think anything will ever beat KARD’s “Don’t Recall” for me, but this one is still so fab and probably one of my favorite releases by them after the former. They just look so conformable with this concept and Jiwoo (my favorite) slays especially. Also, the camera for this live performance is horrible but I love their outfits so much.

I thoroughly enjoyed Dancing High as it aired. It was refreshing to watch a non-idol show for the most part. I was so proud of Jisung and his team, but all the teens that participated were phenomenal. This was by far my favorite performance in this series.

I’m going to admit I never knew Hoya for his music/singing since he’s more famously known for his dancing. I thought he was an excellent coach/mentor on Dancing High. And his team was my favorite (plus, NCT’s Jisung was part of it). Anyway, this song was played for his group’s final and he co-produced the song and co-wrote then lyrics. I was so impressed!

I’ve said this before but of the new girl groups, I think Blackpink is my favorite! I’m not a really a fan of Jennie’s “Solo” but I was obsessed with “DDU-DU DDU-DU” for some time. Speaking of BP and Jennie, I’m sort of shook by the news with her and Kai. I’m seriously so shook but I’m also happy for them if they are though! I hope they don’t get hate. T.T 

This the first Produce season where I didn’t watch the show. From what I heard, it’s the most popular one yet but for some reason the girls’ seasons never really appeal to me. (I don’t know I find that a lot of the girls can be super catty on survival shows?) However, I did come across this stage and I really liked it! It’s a shame that it apparently didn’t do well on the actual evaluation though.

– What I’ve Been Watching –

I normally would share my thoughts on each show… but I’m honestly not really feeling it for this post since a lot of these shows were from many months ago and I don’t think I can articulate the thoughts I had while I was watching them as accurately anymore. But I would say that the ratings I ended up giving each are a good predictor of how much I liked them. (I was updating this draft as I finished a show in fear of forgetting of my initial thoughts-looks like it happened anyway though, LOL.)

But here are some of the trailers of the more notable shows!

Ashes of Love:

Legend of Fuyao: 

Welcome to the Ballroom: 

And that’s a wrap! Hope you all have a fantastic new year! Stay safe! ❤


4 thoughts on “Summing It Up: August – December 2018

  1. Lois says:

    I am so excited for your trip to Melbourne. You’re going to have the best time and my friend, currently living there, says it’s one of the best cities he’s ever visited. If you meet any cute surfers, send them my way hahaha.

    I’m with you on the slumpy year and I’ve found that I’ve been gravitating towards fantasy a lot more this year. I think it’s because with contemporary books I want to read about more characters in the 20-25 age gap, but beyond romance there’s not a lot of options.

    Welcome to the Ballroom looks pretty good. You’ll have to let me know how you find it before I take the plunge myself.

    Happy new year!!! 💚


  2. Marie says:

    Congratulations on the rotation Summer, Australia that’s amazing, what an adventure! I can’t wait to hear all about it and hope you will have an incredible time, too ❤
    I’m also very curious to hear your thoughts on Girls of Paper and Fire, so happy you got to meet the author and had a nice conversation with her, too 🙂
    Hope you’ll have a fantastic January and happy new year!! ❤


  3. thebookishskies says:

    Summer, I am so happy to read from you again. I saw Jaemin poppin’ up on my Bloglovin’ feed and I obviously knew it had to be you, hahah. Even though I’ve been following you on Instagram, I missed reading your posts.
    I do hope you can get out of your reading slump soon. I’ve felt like that for most of 2018 as well, and one thing that helped me was re-reading books I already loved and ease my way in through most stories, so picking up books I already knew I was bound to love. It worked and I’m definitely feeling motivated to read more in 2019!
    Hope you have a great January! 💛


  4. Poulami @ Daydreaming Books says:

    Wishing you all the best for your rotational, Summer! ❤ I have quite absent from the blogosphere and I realise I should have done one of these wraps up too! XD Anyway, I missed you!
    And honestly, I did not quite like NCT’s songs at first but something changed this week. I dunno what but I have listening to Simon Says, particularly on a constant loop!


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